MINIREVIEW- Other Side of the Box – Caleb J. Phillips


Caleb J Phillips, ( )  who has credits ranging from gaffer, to writer, to director.  If it has been done behind the camera it seems that Caleb can handle it, which is why it’s nice to see someone who is comfortable as a grip direct his own horror short.  When being a director is always great to know all the behind-the-scenes duties so your set can run smoothly!

This story is simple yet creepy. I feel that the look and the feel was consistent throughout the entire short and that the suspense and the creep-factor is at a very good level. The pace was terrific and there was not too much filler, which shorts can do to build out time. Everything flowed well.

I hope Caleb creates some more short films. I think he has a keen eye and a sharp mind, and I can’t wait to see what he has coming out next!

-Chris Schlock!

Episode 3 – The Last Shark (1981)

As we wrap up “Schlark Week” we end it with an actual shark movie! (Imagine that!)

Port Harbor will never be the same after a shark turns their happy home into a feeding ground!

The World-Famous Schlock Brothers take another bite out of “schlark week” and work their jaws discussing the nuances that made this movie such a talked-about movie!

So come on in the water is fine!


Episode 2! SCHLARK WEEK!

We are pleased to announce our second episode of the Schlockville Horror Podcast.

For Schlark-Week our hosts, The World Famous Schlock Brothers; Chris, Lee, and Kevin Schlock take you to the beach!  If the beach was a national forest!

Yes, that’s right! A shark movie on dry ground!

You will not be disappointed!


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Episode 1 – GET READY TO SCREAM! errrr… LISTEN!


The brothers told me to its time to finally drop the hint as to what our first episode will be.
I wanted to create one of those enigma laced puzzles for the listeners to try to solve a few days before the episode releases..

So to the left is a picture that has clues as to what the first episode is all about.

Keep it to yourself and don’t spoil the fun for the others by letting them know.

Also, don’t forget to send the world-famous Schlock Brothers fan mail through the “CONTACT US” link above.

If you are an ace detective you might also want to find the super-secret hidden phone number to schlock Headquarters that will
allow you to leave messages to us and if you are one of the lucky few you will have it played on the air in a future episode!

So the game is afoot!  Good luck on guessing!

-Chris Schlock


First Episode & Technical Issues….. Solved!

We are now officially over the technical issues that have held a stranglehold on us.  Actually, that is a tad bit too dramatic. The upgrades to the studio and the software have been made. The computers all have new hard-drives and the software is all updated!

We have been careful about putting out the first episode until we could make sure the quality and consistency of each is to our collective liking. Also, we have had to hash out the sponsorship deals because being world-famous is a full-time job.

Sometime in the next few days, the first two episodes will be released and then you will get one episode every Monday after that!

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So please keep an eye out for Episode 1 of the Schlockville Horror Podcast!