A Brush With Evil 3: The Final Chapter

The teaser trailer for the paranormal documentary “A Brush With Evil 3: The Final Chapter” released today!

The third movie in a series of documentaries that all started with the book “When Ghost Hunting Goes Wrong: A Brush With Evil”. A written account of the real horrors in a little building called “Workman Chapel” out in the quiet and seemingly peaceful countryside, written by paranormal investigator, author, and lecturer, Josh Heard.

In their first movie, they revisit the chapel that Josh had experienced once before. It was a series of life-changing moments that doesn’t always end after the investigation is over. Some of the very best real and raw evidence footage on video!

In “A Brush with Evil 2: Sanity is Perception” Josh and a group of investigators spend some time in one of the most haunted places in Iowa, the infamous Malvern Manor. A real horror movie style setting of a crazy old hotel built in the 1800s then turned into an institution like group home where many ominous things happened. Like the first movie, the second movie is full of great real and raw footage of things that go bump in the night.

The third movie “A Brush With Evil 3” was a painstakingly planned as the proverbial cherry on the spooky sundae of the “BWE” film series. It is hard to top the first two, especially after the emotional and physically draining task of actually investigating these most haunted locations.

In the trailer, they hint that they might be running an original experiment that no other show or movie has ever done. Going that one step further into the darkness in an attempt to attain some concrete answers to the paranormal questions we have always wanted to know. Leave it to this team to break new ground in paranormal research!

In association with VIDI Space Inc, The Haunted Space.
And Mike Nichols, Nick Groff, Elizabeth Saint, Johnny Houser, Chris Case, Jamie Chadd, Seth Alne, Jesse ‘Mac’ Alne, Kirsten Heard, Nathan Leete, Shannon Leete, Mike Rowell, James Heard, Rebecca Stanek, & Maria Miller.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing a few of the people involved in this project and I can say with my utmost certainty that they are the real deal. These aren’t your typical paranormal investigators. They seek truth and bravely face the horrors that show up in the darkness.

If you are a fan of the paranormal then you will love this series of movies!

The book that started it all: When Ghost Hunting Goes Wrong: A Brush With Evil, By Josh Heard

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If you wish to visit the Malvern Manor for your own paranormal experience:  https://malvernmanor.weebly.com/

-Chris Schlock