Episode 1 – GET READY TO SCREAM! errrr… LISTEN!


The brothers told me to its time to finally drop the hint as to what our first episode will be.
I wanted to create one of those enigma laced puzzles for the listeners to try to solve a few days before the episode releases..

So to the left is a picture that has clues as to what the first episode is all about.

Keep it to yourself and don’t spoil the fun for the others by letting them know.

Also, don’t forget to send the world-famous Schlock Brothers fan mail through the “CONTACT US” link above.

If you are an ace detective you might also want to find the super-secret hidden phone number to schlock Headquarters that will
allow you to leave messages to us and if you are one of the lucky few you will have it played on the air in a future episode!

So the game is afoot!  Good luck on guessing!

-Chris Schlock