First Episode & Technical Issues….. Solved!

We are now officially over the technical issues that have held a stranglehold on us.  Actually, that is a tad bit too dramatic. The upgrades to the studio and the software have been made. The computers all have new hard-drives and the software is all updated!

We have been careful about putting out the first episode until we could make sure the quality and consistency of each is to our collective liking. Also, we have had to hash out the sponsorship deals because being world-famous is a full-time job.

Sometime in the next few days, the first two episodes will be released and then you will get one episode every Monday after that!

If you are interested in being a sponsor please click on the link above that says, “CONTACT US” and we will get back with you promptly.

If you, or in the case of agents, your world-famous client wants to be on our show as a guest please click on the link above that says, “CONTACT US” and let us know, we will try to pencil you in.

So please keep an eye out for Episode 1 of the Schlockville Horror Podcast!