MINIREVIEW- Other Side of the Box – Caleb J. Phillips


Caleb J Phillips, ( )  who has credits ranging from gaffer, to writer, to director.  If it has been done behind the camera it seems that Caleb can handle it, which is why it’s nice to see someone who is comfortable as a grip direct his own horror short.  When being a director is always great to know all the behind-the-scenes duties so your set can run smoothly!

This story is simple yet creepy. I feel that the look and the feel was consistent throughout the entire short and that the suspense and the creep-factor is at a very good level. The pace was terrific and there was not too much filler, which shorts can do to build out time. Everything flowed well.

I hope Caleb creates some more short films. I think he has a keen eye and a sharp mind, and I can’t wait to see what he has coming out next!

-Chris Schlock!