Gothic Puzzle Game ‘Iris.Fall’ Heads to Steam December 7th

One would think that puzzle games and horror wouldn’t necessarily go together, although games like Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle and Catherine certainly make the exception. Developer NEXT Studio is looking to tap into that balance with their gothic adventure puzzle game, Iris.Fall, which hits Steam December 7th.

Blending 2D and 3D gameplay with “dark, vaudevillian visuals”, Iris.Fall tells the story of Iris, who after following a black cat into a seemingly abandoned theatre, finds herself traveling between a world of light and a world of shadow. As she continues on, Iris begins to realize that she has a strange connection to this theatre.

The key gameplay mechanic of Iris.Fall is the ability to switch between the worlds of shadow and light as she is follows the mysterious cat. The environments are filled with puzzles that stretch across both the physical and shadow realms, leading the player to think of just how the two worlds interact in order to progress.