The 10 Best Easter Eggs in Horror!

Between Castle Rock, the new Halloween, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the hidden ghosts of The Haunting of Hill House, Easter eggs in horror seem to be a major trend in 2018. Though it’s hardly the first time they’ve popped up in horror. Some Easter eggs are well-placed plot clues for the eagle-eyed viewer, sometimes they’re homages to horror fandom, and sometimes they’re a fun volley between filmmakers. No matter their use, a horror Easter egg is almost always fun to spot.

Here are the 10 greatest uses of the Easter egg in horror.

King Kong (2005) – Sumatran Rat-Monkey

The cause of Peter Jackson’s splatter-filled zombie mayhem in Braindead (Dead Alive) is the bite of the Sumatran-Ray Monkey. The film’s prologue explains that the vile creature hails from Skull Island, an animal created from giant plague rats raping small tree monkeys. Skull Island happens to be the very island from which King Kong hails. Jackson brings this full circle in his 2005 film King Kong, when a crate labeled “Sumatran Rat Monkey” is seen in the cargo hold of the SS Venture. Not only is it great seeing a low budget splatter film get a nod in a giant blockbuster feature, but it’s always reassuring to know Jackson hadn’t forgotten his roots.

Land of the Dead – Photo Booth Zombies

Co-writers Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg crammed just about every zombie homage and reference they could into their zombie rom com Shaun of the Dead. But for all the nods to just about every entry in the zombie pantheon, it was clear that the work of George A. Romero was held in the highest regard. Romero was so affected by this that he asked the pair to appear in Land of the Dead. Wright and Pegg appear as zombies, chained up in the carnival scene where humans can get their pics taken with them. They’re credited as “Photo Booth Zombies.”

10 Cloverfield Lane – Connecting Universe

The Cloverfield universe is unique in that while each are standalone films, they’re connected by a larger mythology that’s only really explained by digging into the Alternate Reality Games that lead up into the theatrical releases of each entry. While 10 Cloverfield Lane is more of a blood relative than actual sequel to Cloverfield, there are Easter eggs throughout that serve as connective tissue, like Michelle stumbling across a letter addressed to Howard from Bold Futura. It’s inconsequential to the main plot, but hardcore Cloverfield fans will recognize this company as a subsidiary of Tagruato, the company ultimately responsible for unleashing the monstrous creature in the original film. The date on the letter also places it before the events of the first film, making this universe’s timeline all the more complex.

Bride of Chucky – Evidence Locker

From the opening moments, the tone is set when Charles Lee Ray’s ex-girlfriend and former accomplice retrieves Chucky’s remains from the police evidence locker. It seems as though all major horror franchises exist within the same universe, as Chucky’s remains are kept with the likes of Jason Voorhees’s hockey mask, Freddy Krueger’s glove, Michael Myers’ mask, Leatherface’s chainsaw, and even the puppets from Puppet Master. Granted, these are all off-brand references (Wisconsin Chainsaw Massacre), but the implication remains on this tongue-in-cheek Easter egg jackpot. This Easter egg wins extra points, considering director Ronny Yu would go on to helm Freddy vs Jason a few years later.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday – Jason vs. Freddy…vs. Ash?

The final moments stole the show of this weird sequel, in which Freddy’s glove bursts out of the ground and pulls Jason’s mask down below. The implications of an epic battle between the two horror juggernauts is a main event fans salivated over. But there’s a much bigger horror franchise that looms over this sequel; the Evil Dead series. There are nods to other films found within the Voorhees home, particularly that of the Crate from Creepshow in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but hero Steven actually picks up and flips through the Necronomicon. More than that, it’s the Kandarian dagger that’s used to kill Jason. This didn’t just tease a Freddy vs. Jason showdown, but a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash battle. Too bad no one asked permission from Sam Raimi for the use of these props, and he didn’t approve.

Scream – Janitor Fred

In a film that lovingly deconstructs horror tropes and is filled with references and nods to horror films, this particular Easter egg wins, hands down. When Principal Himbry (Henry Winkler) is being targeted by the killer after the school has emptied for the day, he steps out into the quiet hall and finds janitor Fred mopping the floors. Fred is wearing a Freddy Krueger-like sweater and hat, but more importantly, Fred is played by Krueger’s creator Wes Craven. Not only is this cameo a reminder that this wasn’t the first time Craven changed the horror landscape, but that the director also had a major sense of humor. He’ll be forever missed, and Janitor Fred is only one of a million reasons why.

Final Destination series – Death’s Clues

The 2000 supernatural thriller that kicked off a major franchise set the precedent with elaborate death sequences that lent well to majorly effective suspense and tension that had us sinking into our seats. We know that Death is coming to reclaim its victims, we just don’t know when. But Death cleverly tells us repeatedly how each one is going to die. Death doles out clever clues for each death for those that are paying close attention. Example: Evan Lewis meets a gnarly demise in Final Destination 2 when his eye gets impaled by his escape ladder. It’s hinted at over and over, beginning with his fridge magnets spelling out E-Y-E.

Saw – Hospital Bed Reveal

James Wan and Leigh Whannell have mastered the art of dropping Easter eggs since their major horror debut in Saw. Billy the Puppet appears in just about everything from Insidious to Dead Silence, and they often sneak each other into their respective films. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. So, we’re going back to the beginning, in which the duo spelled out the killer’s identity long before the major reveal. In a brilliant misdirect, a flashback scene shows Dr. Lawrence Gordon being approached by detectives in regard to linking evidence found at one of Jigsaw’s games. Gordon happened to be in the middle of discussing terminal patient John Kramer at his bedside. If the detectives would’ve looked down, they would’ve seen Kramer’s designs of the “reverse bear trap” laid out for all to see.

Evil Dead II – Freddy Krueger’s Glove

There’s long-running history of jabs between horror masters Sam Raimi and Wes Craven that began when Raimi included a torn poster of The Hills Have Eyes in his breakout film The Evil Dead. Craven noticed, and returned the nod by having Nancy Thompson fall asleep to The Evil Dead in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Raimi opted to be a bit less subtle when he filmed Evil Dead II, and hung Freddy’s glove in both the cellar and the work shed, in prominent view. That glove never left, either, as it was once again displayed in the cellar in Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Predator 2 – Trophy Room

The cinematic moment that firmly put Predator in the same universe as Alien, and it was glorious. Just before the final showdown between protagonist Harrigan (Danny Glover) and the Predator that’s made Los Angeles its hunting ground, he finds its spaceship hidden underground. The battle takes place in the ship’s trophy room. Of all the skulls on display, the one fans zeroed in on was that of the Xenomorph. Suddenly, we didn’t really care about Harrigan versus Predator. We wanted to see a Predator square off against a Xenomorph. I still do.

Fede Alvarez Has an Update on Don’t Breathe 2

A while back in May, director Fede Alvarez opened up a poll on his Twitter account asking which movie he should tackle next – Don’t Breathe 2 or Evil Dead 2. Movieweb recently sat down with Alvarez and asked him about his poll and the realities of what he was asking his fans. From the […]

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Fede Alvarez Has Script for the ‘Don’t Breathe’ Sequel

Before directing The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Fede Alvarez put his stamp on the Evil Dead remake and also helmed the ridiculously suspenseful Don’t Breathe, two films that both warrant a sequel.

While out promoting The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Alvarez was asked about long-gestured sequels to both films and got right down to the nitty-gritty. While Evil Dead could happen in the future, right now he prefers to get a Don’t Breathe sequel off the ground and even revealed that there’s a completed screenplay. Unfortunately, he may not direct.

“It doesn’t mean that we won’t make them. And that I make them might not be that I’m directing, but I might be producing,” he told Movieweb. “They’re just ideas right now. Nothing to announce officially. We do have a script for Don’t Breathe 2. That’s the only difference. We don’t have a script for Evil Dead 2. But we do have a script for Don’t Breathe 2 that we wrote. Once I’m done with [The Girl in the Spider’s Web] we’re gonna start thinking of ways to bring that story to the screen. Me directing or me producing. It really depends on the time that we’ll have. I’m particularly excited about that because it’s a really different sequel, when it comes to sequels. It’s a very different approach and I’m excited about that.”

In Don’t Breathe, a trio of thieves breaks into the house of a blind man who isn’t as helpless as he seems. Alvarez reteamed with Evil Dead star Jane Levy on the film, which left the door open for a sequel.

UnBoxing the First Loot Fright

Subscriptions boxes have become a big part of the nerd community as a by product of the internet age, but you already know this. Boxes have been around for some time and while there have been a few made specifically for horror fans, they have come with mixed results. So it was only a matter […]

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How a Love of Horror Shapes Comedic Roguelike ‘Phantom Halls’ Into a Celebration of the Genre

Before you even know what Phantom Halls is about, it manages to catch your attention with a mere glance at it. The papercraft visual style is certainly a unique selling point for this horror-comedy roguelike. When you delve deeper than that, however, there’s a clear ardor for the horror genre.

You’re tasked with controlling a squad of characters inside a procedurally-generated 2D mansion, and naturally, this is no walking tour. There’s something strange going on here, and your squad must take on a variety of ghouls n’ ghosts as they move around the creaking halls. There are different missions for each character and they lean into the goofier side of horror

You control your entire squad as one entity, using different keys for each of their actions. There’s gunplay, but the more satisfying side to combat is the crunchy melee that allows for some fine brain-bashing. The weapon and item drops are randomized too, so plenty of scope for experimentation in your skull-smashing-related activities.

Phantom Halls looks suitably spooky, as you guide your intrepid squad of ghoul killers through dimly-lit areas, relying heavily on a flashlight to spot the evil that lurks in the shadows, but there are many homages to horror. Not just its heroes, villains, and trendsetters, but also its faults and tropes too. Phantom Halls manages to be a celebration of the silly, the spooky, and the scary sides of the genre.

Developer Incedium is hardly shy about these influences. The game’s creative director (and founder of Incedium) Llexi Leon is clear about where Phantom Halls‘ genesis lies.

Phantom Halls really draws on all forms of B-movie horror and celebrates the visceral gore and outlandish creatures of the genre in a comical way, whilst also tipping our hat to the narrative staples of the genre and building on those concepts to create unique gameplay mechanics and character abilities,” Leon told Bloody Disgusting.

It’s hard to deny that. Phantom Halls feels like a game made by horror fans who are able to poke fun at the shortcomings and narrative crutches of the genre whilst displaying genuine affection for it.

”The whole game was built around horror movie tropes as the primary objectives. I think the often ridiculous yet comfortingly familiar scenarios for the dozens of missions will give players a good laugh if they’ve spent as much time watching horror and listening to heavy metal as we have.”

Notably, this adoration played a big part in Incedium securing a rather lucrative license for a film that is a firm favorite of the development team as a whole, and a splendid fit for the haunted house comedy horror of Phantom Halls, Evil Dead 2.

”We’re all huge Evil Dead fans and so the officially sanctioned Ash content – drawing from our collective favourite, Evil Dead 2 – is very prominent in the game.” Says Leon.

Yes, Ash himself is a downloadable character for Phantom Halls, made up in the game’s delightful papercraft form. There’s also Evil Dead-themed missions, including a battle against Evil Ash, and the iconic cabin also joins the party. The Sam Raimi classic’s inclusion is a beacon of Incedium’s love for comedic horror in particular, but while the focus is on B-Movies and low-budget classics, the focus isn’t narrowed to just that, as Leon goes on to explain.

”There’s many far more subtle nods and references to the genre throughout, whether it’s the clowns, zombies, killer dolls, or risen gargoyles. There’s a host of undead monsters to face in the mansion that draws inspiration from iconic movies and staples of horror literature like The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, Frankenstein, and Dracula, all reimagined through our satirical papercraft lens.”

Leon also cites the King of the B-Movie himself, Roger Corman, as an inspiration. So much so that his name pops up a fair bit in Phantom Halls. ”There’s a few tributes to Roger Corman in the game world of Phantom Halls – as he’s arguably the godfather of the B-movie, we had to bring him into the mix, with Corman Valley High being the school where the kids ‘occult studies club’ is formed, and the Corman Valley Crabs being referenced as the cheerleaders squad – a nod to ‘Attack of the Crab Monsters’ for the real B-movie buffs out there!”

Phantom Halls has steadily been growing since its Early Access launch last year into the horror love-in you see today and the future could well be brighter still, with bucketloads of potential for themed tie-in content and plain expansion into more homages. It’s one thing to make a good horror game that nods to its influences, but to make one that’s funny as well is an admirable feat.

Phantom Halls is out now on Steam Early Access and has its full release on October 31st.

Hilarious Faux Vintage Ad Sells Ash’s ‘Evil Dead’ Chainsaw

In Gallery 1988‘s latest showing “Product Placement”, artist Matt Talbot shares the hilarious print “The Chainsaw That Made a Man Out of Ash!”

The vintage-looking ad – limited to 40 pieces – hilariously sells Evil Dead‘s Chainsaw hand that Ashley J. Williams – who was awarded the title of “World’s Most Dangerous Chin”  – infamously rocked in the Evil Dead franchise. Let Ash prove he can “make you a new man.”

The print is only $30, but Ash’s invaluable chainsaw and help are going to cost you $500.

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Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection is the Groovy and Spectacular Swan Song of an Icon [Blu-Ray Review]

Wicked Horror is the author of Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection is the Groovy and Spectacular Swan Song of an Icon [Blu-Ray Review]. Wicked Horror is the internet’s only horror fan site for free original horror movies, news, review & more.

When prophecies spoke of a timeless hero, they were probably alluding to someone with a tad more integrity and someone less fond of dick jokes than Ash Williams. In a war against ancient evil, however, you work with the hand you’re dealt, even if that hand is a chainsaw. Though news of Ash vs Evil Dead’s cancellation and Bruce Campbell’s retirement from the titular character left fans groaning, it did not take away from the final few, and unexpected discos of the past three years. Only a faint notion of the last decade, the unprecedented risk and unexpected reward of the series reminded Deadites worldwide there is still room for the king.

Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection consolidates all three seasons into a convenient package. Behind-the-scenes footage, a tutorial on vanquishing Deadites, and audio commentaries with the cast for each of the 30 episodes make this release a necessary purchase for those who haven’t already snagged each season’s printing individually.

At the onset of the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead, Ash Williams is three decades removed from his last encounter with the Evil Dead. Drunk, high, and attempting to impress an unlucky woman that stumbled into his trailer, the middle-aged Value Stop (S-Mart couldn’t survive the P.R. nightmare from the end of Army of Darkness) employee reads “poetry” out of the Necronomicon. With a malicious force making Deadites out of virtually everyone and anything, Ash enlists the reluctant aid of his coworkers, Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana De Lorenzo). However, they are unknowingly trailed by the previously-unknown author of the demonic text, Ruby (Lucy Lawless).

Pablo and Kelly witness the return of the king, Ash Williams, in Ash vs Evil Dead.

A powerful kick-start to a dormant franchise or at least a form of it given 2013 reboot, the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead reconfigured the tale tonally, opting more for uproarious laughter while still maintaining the classic, inconceivable gore. Santiago and De Lorenzo quickly ascend from more than just sidekicks, but rather frantic conductors of the train wreck that is Ash. Throwbacks and inventive new fiends and ways to murder them make the first season a binge-worthy experience. Watch this one with the commentary at the very least, especially if you were curious how often the set needed to be washed down during the season’s climax.

Laying low in Jacksonville after supposedly vanquishing the Evil Dead at the end of the first season, Ash and company are quick to realize their ultimate battle was little more than a wet Band-Aid, as a very living Ruby gives birth to shadowy, demonic children. To complicate matters, Ash is forced to reconcile with his father, Brock (Lee Majors), while enduring the ridicule of his town for the vicious murders he is still blamed for. Forced to finally confront the trauma and general fucked-upedness of his life, Ash can only be saved by Pablo and Kelly, who are now coming into their own as a shaman and demon slayer.

The start of season two of Ash vs Evil Dead can come off as a bit lackluster, especially given the rather tired design of the demonic children, as well as the tired logic of Ruby’s motives. However, this is all quickly cast aside during the final half of the season, especially given a short arc detailing Ash’s stay in a demonic asylum. Part One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, part Hellbound: Hellraiser II, and part Pee-wee’s Playhouse, this segment offers a concept entirely unique to the franchise while brushing against the idea of Ash’s unapproachable trauma. Fortunately, Ash is far too dense to be shaken by anything for more than a few hours or so. The second season is also unique within the collection, offering far more bonus material than its previous and proceeding discs. Even if you only snagged seasons one and three (for whatever reason, you monster), the bonus material alone for season two warrants the purchase of the collection.

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Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams flips the bird in Ash vs Evil Dead

After losing his father but salvaging his reputation, Ash opens up his own hardware store in Elk Grove. However, he quickly learns a one-night stand from almost twenty years ago yielded a daughter who has now become the target of a returning Ruby in a last-ditch effort to evade her demonic overlords. Just as the series has entailed a didactic of family previously, Ash is finally forced into a paternal role, now making all of his cringe-worthy one-liners into shoe-in dad jokes. Pablo and Kelly return to finish the Deadites conclusively, regardless of the decision of a network.

The final portion of Ash vs Evil Dead is bittersweet, as it was revealed almost at the season’s onset this would be Campbell’s final outing. However, rather than phone in any performance, Campbell goes whole-hog in making his last dance with the character memorable. The family drama does feel a bit contrived, but it also reveals a side of Ash previously veiled by a number of factors. A direct allusion to Ash’s battle with himself from Army of Darkness turned to the 1000th degree makes the final season an incredible outing overall, and the outlandish ending reminds fans The Evil Dead never really stays down. This entry in the collection offers the least amount of material, but again, the audio commentaries make a second viewing outside of any streaming service a no-brainer.

Ash vs Evil Dead may be finished, but it’s very hard to believe this will be the end of the franchise. Even if it is, at least it went out on top, right where Ash probably belongs.


Director(s): Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Tom Spezialy
Writer(s): Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Tom Spezialy
Stars: Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Lucy Lawless
Year: 2015-2018
Studio/ Production Co: Renaissance Pictures, Starz Originals
Language: English
Sub-Genre: Comedy

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EVIL DEAD 2 Arrives on 4K Ultra HD This December

Bruce Campbell may have retired from playing Ash Williams following the cancellation of Ash vs Evil Dead after 3 seasons, but the legacy he created with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert will never die! While we wait to see exactly where the franchise goes next, fans of the seminal horror series can revisit one of its best installments when Evil Dead 2 arrives on 4K Ultra HD on December 11th!

Here’s the full scoop from today’s press release, including a list of special features:

Ash returns in one of horror’s greatest sequels when Evil Dead 2 arrives on 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray™ and Digital) December 11 from Lionsgate. Written and directed by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Army of Darkness), and starring Bruce Campbell in the role that cemented his place in horror history, Ash must, once again, battle the deranged dead after returning to the same cabin from The Evil Dead and unleashing Hell on Earth. Experience four times the resolution of Full HD with the 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, which includes Dolby Vision™ HDR™, bringing the stunning cinematography of this supernatural horror film to life. When compared to a standard picture, Dolby Vision can deliver spectacular colors never before seen on a screen, highlights that are up to 40 times brighter, and blacks that are 10 times darker. Available for the very first time in this absolutely stunning format, the Evil Dead 2 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack will include a brand new, never-before-seen 52-minute featurette, “Bloody and Groovy, Baby! – A Tribute to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II” featurette and will be available for the suggested retail price of $22.99.


Ash, the sole survivor of The Evil Dead, returns to the same cabin in the woods and again unleashes the dead. With his girlfriend possessed and his body parts running amok, Ash must again single-handedly battle the damned in this unhinged horror classic!


Bruce Campbell                      Army of Darkness, TV’s “Ash vs Evil Dead”

Dan Hicks                               Darkman, Intruder, Spider-Man 2

Kassie Wesley Depaiva          TV’s “One Life to Live”, TV’s “Days of Our Lives”

and Ted Raimi                        Spider-Man 3, The Midnight Meat Train, TV’s “Ash vs Evil Dead”


  • NEW“Bloody and Groovy, Baby!” – A Tribute to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 Featurette
  • Audio Commentary with writer-director Sam Raimi, actor Bruce Campbell, co-writer Scott Spiegel, and special make-up effects artist Greg Nicotero


  • Audio Commentary with writer-director Sam Raimi, actor Bruce Campbell, co-writer Scott Spiegel, and special make-up effects artist Greg Nicotero
  • “Swallowed Souls: The Making of Evil Dead 2” Featurette
  • “Cabin Fever – A ‘Fly on the Wall’ Look Behind-the-Scenes of Evil Dead 2” Featurette
  • “Road to Wadesboro: Revisiting the Shooting Location with Filmmaker Tony Elwood” Featurette
  • “Evil Dead 2: Behind-the-Screams” Featurette
  • “The Gore The Merrier” Featurette

Are you excited to revisit Evil Dead 2 in 4K HD this December? Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

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Lionsgate Gives ‘Evil Dead 2’ the 4K Blu-ray Treatment with New Featurette

Ash returns in one of horror’s greatest sequels when Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn arrives on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray and Digital) December 11, 2018, from Lionsgate.

Written and directed by Sam Raimi (Spider-ManArmy of Darkness), and starring Bruce Campbell in the role that cemented his place in horror history, Ash must, once again, battle the deranged dead after returning to the same cabin from The Evil Dead and unleashing Hell on Earth.

Ash, the sole survivor of The Evil Dead, returns to the same cabin in the woods and again unleashes the dead. With his girlfriend possessed and his body parts running amok, Ash must again single-handedly battle the damned in this unhinged horror classic!

Available for the very first time in this absolutely stunning format, the Evil Dead 2 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack will include a brand new, never-before-seen 52-minute featurette, “Bloody and Groovy, Baby! – A Tribute to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II” featurette.

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Mezco Toyz Displays Massive Collection of Upcoming Horror Toys at New York Comic Con

Horror News Network was on site at Day One of the 2018 New York Comic Con to bring you the hottest horror toys on display at the show! This year, Mezco Toyz’s booth was jam packed with tons of incredible properties in a variety of different formats. Featuring 12″ figures, puppets, dolls, and even jack in the boxes, nearly every popular horror franchise was represented, including Halloween, Friday the 13th, Ghostbusters, Evil Dead 2, Dawn of the Dead, The Warriors, A Clockwork Orange, Kong: Skull Island, Living Dead Dolls, It, The Nun, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Annabelle, The Exorcist, Chucky, Beetlejuice, Trick ‘r Treat, and Hellraiser, there was literally something for everyone! You can check out all of our photos from the event below:

Some of these toys are available now, while others may not be on store shelves until late 2019. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for future New York Comic Con and Mezco Toyz coverage as soon as it breaks!


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