Starting Today, the Cost of ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Has Been Permanently Slashed

If you haven’t yet picked up and played Friday the 13th: The Game, you are seriously missing out. There’s a good chance your hesitation to jump on board comes from hearing negative things about the game and/or being annoyed that it’s likely never going to be updated with new content again, but if you’re asking me, it’s a kickass game that’s great enough as is.

Sure, it’s a total bummer that the franchise’s legal issues are preventing future updates (especially since a Jason X map was coming!), but honestly, we’ve already gotten enough out of Friday the 13th: The Game to ensure that it’s fun to play for years to come. And on that note, we’re happy to report that as of today, the price of the game has been permanently slashed!

Beginning today, the base price on all platforms is now $19.99!

You have no more excuses. Start slashing up counselors today.

Fan’s Custom Turns NECA Figure into Tom Savini’s Jason Voorhees from ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

We never got to see what it was like for Jason Voorhees after he was dragged to Hell, but thanks to Gun Media’s “Friday the 13th: The Game” we got to see what he might have looked like. Horror legend Tom Savini dreamed up a design for the character after escaping the clutches of Satan that lights a fire behind Jason’s eyes and arms him with the Devil’s pitchfork. Now, Twitter user @TimmySchiefer created a custom action figure using NECA’s previous sculpts. It’s so good people are begging to buy it from him.

This version of Jason was offered as a pre-order only item on Backerkit, and as a reward for Kickstarter backers (at appropriately listed tier).

Savini, of course, designed the original Jason, seen in Friday the 13th (1980), as well as The Final Chapter‘s Jason.

‘Last Year: The Nightmare’ Release Date Announced

We had a hands-on preview a few months back for Montreal-based developer Elastic Games’ asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Last Year: The Nightmare. And now, after months of waiting, you can mark your calendar for when the game finally hits retail (albeit initially via Discord).

Elastic games announced today that Tuesday December 18, 2018 is when you’ll be able to buy Last Year: The Nightmare through the Discord store, and the game will have a console release coming in 2019. In addition, the voice cast has also been announced, which includes the likes of Melissa Hutchison (TellTale’s The Walking Dead), Zeno Robinson (Metal Gear Survive), Michael Johnston (Teen Wolf), Erica Lindbeck (Spider-Man), Noshir Dalal (Red Dead Redemption 2), Elias Toufexis (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey), Ray Chase (Final Fantasy XV) and Jon Olson (World of Warcraft).

The announcement also comes with a bunch of new screenshots, which should definitely up the excitement for those who’ve been itching to play this one.

A Fuzzy ‘Friday the 13th’: Re-Examining the Horror of… ‘Naughty Bear’!?

Inspired by slasher films and games such as Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Naughty Bear. Either that, or you’ve subconsciously erased it from memory. We wouldn’t blame you, to be honest.

Snark aside, developer Artificial Mind and Movement had quite a fun premise on its hands with Naughty Bear. It’s a game which takes place within a kid’s TV show where a colony of bears frolic around a fairytale forest. Thing is, one of these bears is not like the others, lacking their same perfect stitching or vibrant colors.

The game starts with the titular Naughty Bear being late to a party. The battle-worn teddy decides that he no longer wants to be an outsider and so goes out of his way to make a present. He’s turned over a new leaf. However, when the others bears get a glimpse of his gift (which is confusing, as its a generic box with a bowtie) they humiliate him.

So, as is tradition in children’s TV shows, they eventually overcome their differences and viewers come away enlightened, having learned an important lesson and conflict resolution and acceptance. Actually, no, Naughty returns his shack, grabs a machete, and immediately goes about enacting his revenge.

If there’s one thing the game gets right, it’s the fun juxtaposition of this cartoon world with the kind of murderous rampage reserved for films such as Friday the 13th. Bizarrely, there are also a number of parallels between Naughty Bear and the recent Friday the 13th video game. The way you hunt down enemies while trying not to fall for their diversions reminded me of stalking camp counselors in last year’s multiplayer murder sim.

The bears will try to flee from Naughty, running to cars and boats. Others will shut themselves inside, barricade doors, try to call the cops, or, as a last resort, attack with whatever weapons they can find though it’s often not enough. Even the way executions are carried out all echo Friday the 13th. To make things just that little more intriguing, the developer of Naughty Bear would later become Behaviour Interactive, the team behind Friday the 13th’s gaming rival, Dead By Daylight.

Sadly, Naughty Bear wasn’t much fun to play. The repetitive loop of chasing bears and killing them off quickly wore thin with little variation to keep players hooked. The game’s focus on score-chasing and keeping a multiplier running seemed completely at odds with how the game was being pitched. Each stage would rapidly turn into a massacre with stealth going completely out the window.

Playful in premise yet sloppy in its execution, Naughty Bear reviewed in the low 40s when it launched more than eight years ago on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It, therefore, came as a surprise when 505 Games published a sequel in 2012, even if it was download-only. It’s not a game we’d strongly recommend though is definitely worth picking up if you want to see how it translates slasher tropes and have a few bucks to burn.

10 Horror Games That are Perfect to Play on Halloween!

We all have plans of some kind for Halloween. They may not necessarily be the plans we wanted of course, and that might leave only certain opportunities to get a horror fix. If you’re in need of a horror-themed gaming session on this most hallowed of days, then we’ve come up with ten games for a variety of situations and tastes.

The Party: Spelunky (Multi)

So you’re having a Halloween party, and you fancy some local co-op gaming. Something that’s got monsters and ghosts in, but is somewhat accessible to even those who aren’t traditionally horror fans. Enter the rip-roaring, addictive absurdity of Spelunky. Four people at a time can huddle around the screen and race (carefully now!) to collect treasure, defeat monsters, and move deeper into the cave network. As with any co-op or competitive multiplayer game, there’s the risk of arguments over individual decision making, but I’m sure you’ll forgive Brian for accidentally (so he says!) causing you to be impaled on a spike pit.

For The Kids: Bendy and the Ink Machine (PC)

Kids are bound to get excited around any event that involves candy, and perhaps you need to occupy them for a bit before or after the Trick Or Treating with a seasonal dose of kid-friendly horror and what better than the latest popular game for that, Bendy and the Ink Machine. In this five-part adventure, a retired animator named Henry finds his former studio’s creations have been brought to nightmarish life by the aforementioned machine. What follows is a survival horror where Henry explores and solves puzzles.

Quick Fix: SEPTEMBER 1999 (PC)

It’s a busy day and you’re gloomily anticipating not getting to mark the Halloween occasion with anything horror related. Time is precious, but you want to have something quick, so how about 98DEMAKE’s SEPTEMBER 1999? This found-footage style adventure lasts just over five minutes and gives you perfectly compact creeps.

 For Murder Mystery Fans: Condemned Criminal Origins (Multi)

While the storyline isn’t as good as it could be, Monolith and Sega’s Condemned made up for it with its then-unique way of investigating crime scenes, as well as its creepy atmosphere. Losing your gun almost from the beginning of the game forces you to get up close and personal with the psychopathic vagrants that appear out of the shadows. And yeah, the “scan objects and call your buddies at the lab” routine gets repetitive, but for the time, it was a novel idea.

90s Nostalgia: Blood (PC)

Hot on the heels of Duke Nukem 3D‘s success, Monolith took Duke‘s Build Engine, filled it with occult themes and gore, gave the protagonist a bunch of one-liners straight from Army of Darkness and The Shining, and came out with a pretty fun and underrated shooter. Find me a game where you can use a flare gun to set zombies on fire (that in turn run around screaming), or shoot off their heads and then proceed to kick the heads around like a soccer ball? Blood never sold well, but lives on with and Steam.

Road Rage (without the road): Carmageddon (Multi)

To be fair, it’s not quite horror, but if you’re fed up with Trick or Treaters knocking at your door, or if driving your kids around the neighbourhood has you more than annoyed, you can always jump into the Red Eagle and mow down businessmen and old ladies for points. Of course, you could play Carmageddon “normally” by completing the race, but where’s the fun in that? Rack up combos and other bonuses by running over pedestrians, instead!

Home Alone: Alien: Isolation (Multi)

After the bomb in Aliens: Colonial Marines, Sega went back and gave us something that was as close to the terror and isolation of the original film as you could probably get in Isolation. Putting you on the deck of the seemingly deserted Sevastopol, and then forcing you to hide from the Xenomorph lurking around the ship is definitely nerve-wracking. True, you’ll probably not going to get Xenomorph’s lurking around your house, but the atmosphere and terror of the game will certainly have you thinking twice before turning off that bathroom light.

Fighting Spirit: Mortal Kombat X (Multi)

Really, if you haven’t played any of the Mortal Kombat games by now, I can’t help you. It’s again not horror in the traditional sense, but any time you have ninjas who will slice off your face, gut-munching, head-smashing and more deviously ingenious ways to finish off your opponent, that’s good enough for me. The latest edition of the long-running franchise brings Jason Voorhees, The Predator and Leatherface into the fold for some ultimate horror fun. If you and your buddies are up for ripping each other apart (yet don’t want to pay for the hospital visit), you can’t do much better on Halloween with MKX.

Traveling: Outlast (Switch)

Having to travel back from work on Halloween? Whisk yourself away from the commute (provided you’re not packed into a train like a tin of sardines) and investigate an asylum full of naked monstrosities by tucking into Outlast on the Nintendo Switch. Just make sure you wear headphones so you don’t get any questioning looks about the things being muttered by the patients. Though if you’re looking for a bit of space, maybe dont.

Online Party: Friday the 13th: The Game (Multi)

What could be a more comforting way to spend time online with your friends this Halloween than reenacting your very own slasher movie. Better still, it can star one of you as Jason Voorhees! A few drinks, the lights turned out, and a trip to Camp Crystal Lake sounds like a good time to us.

What’s your go-to horror game for Halloween? Let us know!

Layers of Fear 2 Trailer Unveils Horrors to Come

Layers of Fear

Fans of narrative-driven horror game Layers of Fear will be excited to hear that developer Bloober Team’s Project Melies, teased on August 15th, has been revealed to be Layers of Fear 2! The sequel’s setting is a cruise ship, so it seems that whether you’re trapped in a mansion or stranded at sea, your fears will find you […]

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‘Friday the 13th The Game’ is Just $6 on Xbox One Right Now

LeBron James isn’t the only one saving where Friday the 13th is concerned, as Xbox One owners can save 85% on the price of Friday the 13th The Game right now.

Gun Media’s asymmetrical multiplayer horror is going for the bargain price of just $6.00 in the North American Microsoft Store and £4.80 in the UK Store. The deal runs for the next 8 days until Halloween so plenty of time to grab a slice of camp counseller-killing action.

Of course, the big disclaimer to be had here is that the game’s future is still uncertain with all the recent legal goings-on surrounding the Friday the 13th license, but at this price, it’s definitely worth a pop at this price if you haven’t already dipped into it before.

PlayStation 4 users can still download the game as part of October’s PS Plus lineup.

If that’s not your preferred flavor of Jason for Halloween, then Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is out on Nintendo Switch this week, and we’ll have a review of that in the coming days.

Fight Back or Die Trying This Fall in ‘Last Year: The Nightmare’

Last Year

The popular app Discord (and PC) will be receiving a 6-player horror game that can only be described as a fantastic synthesis of Monster Squad meets the setting of Silent Hill, with gameplay inspired by Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th, and a dash of Evolve: enter Last Year: The Nightmare. The year is 1996, and five unsuspecting high-schoolers–as […]

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Victor Miller Prevails in First Ruling of the ‘Friday the 13th’ Lawsuit

Friday the 13th lawsuit

It certainly has been an eventful month for the seemingly cursed franchise Friday the 13th. With a Jason Vorhees statue being removed from the bottom of an Arizona Lake, and Friday the 13th: The Game making it onto PS Plus as a free download, Jason has been plastered on headlines across the internet. However, one of […]

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‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Stalks Its Way to PS Plus

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th: The Game marked the return of the beloved slasher series to the realm of video games after many hits and misses, most of them being misses. The Kickstarter survival horror multiplayer was designed to capitalize on pitting seven player-controlled camp counselors against a blood-thirsty player controlled Jason Vorhees. Consisting of high stress […]

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