Goblin Reimagined Tracks from ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and ‘Suspiria’ for New Album, Available Now!

Brought to our attention by Exclaim today, the current lineup of Italian progressive rock band Goblin has revisited tracks from the band’s scores for Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria, reimagining them for the “celebratory” new album Fearless (37513 Zombie Ave.)!

The album features “reimagined versions of the most significant tunes from their original iconic soundtrack” for Dawn, as well as new arrangements for two Suspiria tracks.

  • 1. L’alba Dei Morti Viventi (Dawn of the Dead)
  • 2. Zombi (Dawn of the Dead)
  • 3. Oblio (Dawn of the Dead)
  • 4. La Caccia (Dawn of the Dead)
  • 5. Zaratozom (Dawn of the Dead)
  • 6. Sighs (Suspiria)
  • 7. Suspiria (Suspiria)

Fearless is available on either CD or vinyl, with the CD available now and the vinyl shipping on December 24th. You can grab your copy right now over on BackToTheFudda.com.

Eibon Press Releasing Supremely Gory ‘Zombie’ Comic Book Series in a Collected Graphic Novel!

We’re absolutely loving the insanely gory comic books that Eibon Press has been putting out, and up next they’ve collected together their 4-issue adaptation of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie for their very first graphic novel, being released tonight, December 14th at 7pm EST in the Eibon shop!

The super high-end collectible hardback edition is the most limited and collectible book Eibon Press has ever released, with only 500 copies in print, and 200 available in a very special signed and numbered Super Psycho Fan Edition. The prices for each edition are as follows…

  • $50.00 for the 300-copy limited edition
  • $100.00 for the 200-copy signed and numbered Super Psycho Fan Edition

The team explains, “We spared no expense to collect the first four issues of LUCIO FULCI’S ZOMBIE as a full graphic novel, going back to the original art files and reworking the color finishing, lettering and other technical mumbo-jumbo to create all-new image files, from which all-new offset printing plates were struck. The results, kids, is THE definitive version of LUCIO FULCI’S ZOMBIE. The entire story of the classic film in one long seamless comic book novel, designed to blow you right away. This is a super limited edition HARDCOVER BOOK, with only 500 copies printed and bound! Each copy has a full color case wrap on the hard-cover itself and a removable dust jacket featuring Mike Broom’s stunning original cover art for issue #1.”

For full details on both editions, be sure to check out Eibon’s holiday newsletter.

[Gift Guide] This ‘Black Christmas’ Pin Doubles as a Christmas Ornament and Comes in Three Colors

Horror pins have become increasingly popular in recent years, with so many cool ones to choose from that you’d go broke if you grabbed them all. But GutterShakes has just taken the enamel pin to the next level with this Black Christmas pin, which is also an ornament!

Yes, in addition to operating as a standard enamel pin, this particular one has an ornament hook attached to the top, allowing you to hang it from your Christmas tree in December!

The die-cast soft enamel “Silent Fright” pin, measuring 2.5″ in height, is available in 3 colorways: Standard (Red), Icicle (Blue) and Evergreen (Green). They’re selling for $12 each.

Oh and it’s worth noting, all pins come with a vintage-styled color-matching holiday greeting card, complete with an ominous message from a very unexpected holiday guest!

Thanks to Broke Horror Fan for the heads up on these!

[Gift Guide] Mondo’s ‘Beetlejuice’ Pins Celebrate 30 Years of the Tim Burton Classic

To browse BD’s 2018 Gift Guide in full, click that link you just passed!

If you’re looking for cool and geeky gifts for yourself or a friend/loved one this year, Mondo probably has a little something for everyone. We recently spotlighted their high quality Freddy Krueger sweater, which is screen accurate to the 1984 original classic, and over in their online shop you’ll also find a few enamel pins in tribute to another ’80s classic.

Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and Mondo is offering up enamel pins of Barbara Maitland, Adam Maitland and the Sandworm!

These pins originally debuted at Beyond Fest earlier this year (others in the line have sold out), and they’re selling for $10 each. The 1.25″ high soft enamel pins were designed by WBYK.

For guaranteed Christmas delivery (US) from Mondo, be sure to order by midnight CT *tonight*!

[Gift Guide] The ‘Evil Dead’ Fan in Your Life is Gonna Need This Licensed Necronomicon Plush Pillow

The Necronomicon (aka Book of the Dead) from the Evil Dead franchise has been turned into all kinds of products over the years, most of them *not* officially licensed, but this latest one from Creepy Company is not only officially licensed but also one of the coolest products of all.

Introducing the Necronomicon Replica Book Plush Pillow!

Now available in Creepy Company’s online shop, the pillow features art from Matt Durston and measures 15.5″ x 13.5″. It’s 3″ deep and stuffed to the max, double-sided with full art on front and back cover, spine and pages. Features 100% polyester face with polyester fill.

You can grab one for $26.99. Order soon for guaranteed Christmas delivery!

[Exclusive] Mondo is Releasing a ‘Castlevania’ Puzzle Next Week!

If you’re a fan of Castlevania, or know someone who is, Mondo sure has got ya covered this holiday season. Currently available in their shop, you can grab the Original Video Game soundtrack on vinyl for just $20, in celebration of the game’s 30th anniversary. Yes, we’re talking the original soudntrack to the 1986 Famicom/NES classic that started it all.

“Featuring all 12 BMG tracks from the game, journey through the darkness of Dracula’s castle, from tower to tower fighting, facing the nightmares within.”

Additionally, we’re excited to exclusively let you know today, Mondo is releasing a 1,000 piece Castlevania puzzle next week, featuring art by Becky Cloonan and also selling for $20.

The premium art puzzle will be Mondo’s very first puzzle!

It goes on sale next week at mondotees.com.

[Gift Guide] MeTV is Now Selling a Limited Edition Run of Svengoolie Action Figures

The day of the horror host may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still horror hosts out there doing their thing. One of the most notable of those remaining hosts is Svengoolie, who’s still keeping the tradition of the horror host alive and well here in 2018. Svengoolie has a weekly series on MeTV, and he’s now got his very own action figure!

Light up the Svengoolie fan in your life with this special action figure dressed in a glow-in-the-dark T-shirt, the same T-shirt design worn by Svengoolie himself and by fans all across the country. It makes the ideal “Sven-sational” gift or stocking stuffer for fans on the naughty or nice list. This collectable Svengoolie action figure is limited to only 3000 pieces.

Once sold, they are gone for good.

The 8-inch tall special edition character is dressed in a custom Svengoolie long sleeved glow-in-the-dark T-shirt, with Sven’s signature removable black top hat and tuxedo shoes. This collectible figure is priced at only $29.95, and it’s available for purchase now in the MeTV store.

[Gift Guide] Mondo’s Freddy Krueger Sweater is the Only One That’s Actually 1984 Authentic

If you’re looking to pick up the ultimate Freddy Krueger sweater for yourself or a friend this holiday season (hey, it does double for a Christmas sweater!), you’ll certainly find no shortage of them out there on the internet. Many are terrible quality and hardly screen-accurate, which is probably why Mondo stepped in to finally perfect the art of the Freddy sweater.

A collaboration between Mondo and Middle of Beyond, the “Version 1” knit sweater is the absolute perfect gift for the Nightmare on Elm Street fan, as it’s an exact replica of the sweater Freddy Krueger wears in the *original* Elm Street. As hardcore fans are aware, it wasn’t actually until the sequels that green stripes were added to the sweater’s sleeves.

Of course, the fully striped sweater is the most iconic look for Freddy (that’s why most replicas are based on the sequels), but damn is it nice to see one that’s ’84 authentic.

The 100% acrylic heavy knit sweaters run from sizes XS through 3XL.

Grab one from Mondo for $49.

[Gift Guide] Cavity Colors Dropping Ugly ‘Return of the Living Dead’ Sweatshirt This Afternoon!

Mark your calendars for 5pm EST as Cavity Colors will be releasing an officially licensed The Return of the Living Dead crewneck sweatshirt featuring Tarman!

It’ll be the first of many Return items from them in the coming months.

Dan O’Bannon’s classic 1985 zombie film begins when two bumbling employees at a medical supply warehouse accidentally release a deadly gas into the air. The vapors cause the dead to rise again as zombies.

Scare your family this holiday season…

Horror Decor’s Line of Holiday 2018 Ornaments Includes Many of Your Favorite Slashers!

Heads up: the deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery is December 5th!

The folks over at Horror Decor are devoted to helping you decorate your home with the coolest decor all year round, and the company just put up for grabs their awesome Holiday 2018 collection. In addition to candles and pillows, this year’s collection includes a slew of horror icon ornaments, as well as McDonald’s McNugget Buddies ornaments!

Horror Decor’s 2018 ornaments, some of which I personally helped create, include Leatherface, Chop Top, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, and even characters like Baby Selwyn from Dead Alive, Uncle Frank from Hellraiser and Farmer Vincent from Motel Hell. Other offerings include NES versions of both Jason and Freddy, and Freddy variants that depict his looks in both the original Nightmare on Elm Street and New Nightmare.

Each ornament is selling for just $8, so stock up while you can.

Head over to Horror Decor to check out the full Holiday 2018 product line!