Fan Spent October Visiting Horror Movie Filming Locations and Documented It All on Twitter

If you’re looking for the best thread on Twitter right now, look no further than the account of Shawn Kohne, a horror fan who lives in Los Angeles, California. Shawn spent the month of October reveling in his love for the horror genre, paying a visit to iconic filming locations from his favorite horror movies and documenting his day-to-day experiences on Twitter.

Shawn explained in an e-mail to us, “This was my second year going around the greater Los Angeles area taking comparison pictures of Horror movies/TV shows/music videos from the day they were put on film to the day I took them. Each day I posted at least 1 picture, sometimes more than one. I thought if anyone would enjoy my Halloween Horror Hunt for 2018, it would be you wonderful people. So please enjoy my hunt.

Check out some highlights below and be sure to follow Shawn for the full thread!

Artist Travis Falligant Continues “Lost Mysteries” Art Series With More Scooby Doo x Horror Mashups

What if horror’s greatest villains were put into classic episodes of “Scooby-Doo”? That’s the question artist Travis Falligant has been answering over the course of the last several years with his “Lost Mysteries” art series, which has been viral gold here in the horror community dating back to 2014. For Halloween season this year, Falligant expanded the series big time!

More recent films like IT (2017), Hereditary, The Witch and The Nun have made the cut this time around, along with Scooby-infused takes on classics like The Thing and Halloween.

To see more of Falligant’s awesome art, be sure to follow IBTrav Artworks on Facebook.

[Images] The Coolest Horror Halloween Costumes We’ve Seen On Social Media This Year!

Yes, that’s totally the “Bent-Neck Lady” from “The Haunting of Hill House.”

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are always way more fun in October than any other time of the year, especially when the friends and other folks you follow start sharing pictures of their Halloween costumes. This year, we’ve been compiling all of our favorites for the past couple weeks, and we’ve put them together for you guys here today.

Today is, after all, October 31st. So… Happy Halloween!!

We’ve been happy to see that Mandy has spawned a handful of costumes this Halloween, with several people dressing as Nicolas Cage’s Red Miller (including filmmaker Mike Mendez!). Our friend Ama Lea even dressed as the film’s Cheddar Goblin, mac ‘n cheese vomit and all!

Other costumes we’ve been delighted to see this year include a gnarly one from Gerald’s Game, Dennis from Serpent and the Rainbow, and even Aunt Martha from Sleepaway Camp.

Horror fans always rule Halloween. You’ve all made us proud!

Different Versions of Michael Myers Kill Each Other in Artist’s “Self Destruction” of ‘Halloween’

Whenever we dream up horror icon mashup scenarios, we always imagine one villain doing battle with another, but have you ever wondered what would happen if, say, every different incarnation of Michael Myers came together for an epic battle… with each other?! Artist JJ Harrison imagines such a battle with his latest “Self Destructs” piece, unveiled this week.

The brutal battle scene pits Michael Myers vs. Michael Myers vs. Michael Myers vs… well, you get the idea. It even features both the original and remake versions of young Michael Myers killing each other, along with fun Easter egg cameos from Halloween III‘s Silver Shamrock masks. And yes, even Ben Tramer makes an appearance. Poor Ben Tramer.

Now THIS is a perfect desktop background.

Click the image below to see it full size, and underneath the new Halloween piece you can check out Harrison’s previous “Self Destructs” piece, in tribute to Friday the 13th!

[Image] Once in a Lifetime Photo Shows 19 Different Michael Myers Actors in the Same Room!

40 years of franchise horror history. One epic photo.

Over the years, many actors/stuntmen have been credited with playing Michael Myers, some for entire Halloween movies, while others took on the role for brief moments. Nick Castle, for example, played Michael for the duration of the original Halloween, but it was Tony Moran who played him for the unmasking scene. Of course, for the opening sequence wherein a young Michael kills his sister, he was played by an entirely different actor, young Will Sandin.

Castle and Sandin are both featured in an epic photograph that just came out of this past weekend’s Halloween: 40 Years of Terror event, alongside seventeen other actors who have donned the white mask and blue overalls. The photo comes courtesy of Horror’s Hallowed Grounds/Convention All Stars’ Sean Clark, and it’s a wonderful treat for Halloween fans.

Mark my words you will NEVER see this many or more [Michael Myers actors] in one photo ever again,” Clark says. “This was quite a feet to pull off and I’m glad we were able to make it happen for the fans in attendance. Couldn’t ask for a greater group of guys.”

Be sure to click the photo below to see it in all its full-sized glory! And if you’re looking for a complete listing of who’s who, you can head over to Sean Clark’s Facebook page.

Hero Complex Gallery Celebrates 40 Years of ‘Halloween’ With an Incredible Series of Posters

This week is all about Halloween, both John Carpenter’s original classic and David Gordon Green’s 40-years-later sequel. Hell, this entire *year* is about Halloween, as 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Michael Myers’ terrifying arrival on the big screen. And Hero Complex Gallery is celebrating that landmark anniversary with a killer collection of art.

Over on Hero Complex Gallery’s website you can browse a massive collection of “Halloween 40” tribute art, and you can also purchase prints as well as enamel pins.

You’ll find some of the coolest highlights below.

[Images] Couple’s Maternity Shoot Gets Gruesome When an ‘Alien’ Chest Burster Crashes the Party

Congratulations, it’s a Xenomorph!

Over the years, couples have started stepping WAY outside the box for their maternity and wedding photos, but we’re not sure we’ve ever seen any such photographs quite as twisted as these. For their maternity photos, Todd Cameron and his wife just recreated the most horrifying scene from Ridley Scott’s Alien, turning the film’s Chest Burster into, well, a Belly Burster.

Yeah, they totally went there. And it’s WILD.

Well, you won’t believe what happened yesterday DURING OUR MATERNITY SHOOT!!! Our chests are bursting with love for our new addition!” Cameron captioned the gallery over on Facebook, crediting Li Carter as the photographer. The crazy photo shoot took place at McNab’s Corn Maze in British Columbia, and not surprisingly, it has gone viral.

So what do you do when you give birth to a baby Xenomorph? Rather than running for their lives, Todd and his wife decide to embrace their little monster. After all, it is their baby.

We love this insanity. So much.