Halloween (2018) Steelbook Blu-ray Now Available for Pre-Order

Although director David Gordon Green’s Halloween – the most successful slasher film in the history of cinema (having just crossed $229 million at the global box office) may still be in theaters, it appears that Universal Pictures have made ready

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Halloween Overtakes Scream to Become the Biggest Slasher Film of All Time

Michael Myers has indeed come home. Three weeks into its release, David Gordon Green’s Halloween has earned a whopping $229.6 million worldwide, unseating Wes Craven’s 1996 meta classic Scream as the most successful slasher film of all time. And right

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HHN’s John Murdy & Director Dwight H. Little Discuss Halloween 4

With Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers mazes nearing their 2018 end at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando as part of the two theme parks’ yearly attractions Halloween Horror Nights, HalloweenMovies.com thought it time to bring you an

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Celebrate Halloween with This Trailer Round-Up!

With David Gordon Green’s critically raved about film Halloween still #1 at the box office for the second week in a row, we’ve rounded up some of the feature film’s trailers, television spots and clips to get you into the

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Halloween Slays the Competition; Still #1 at the Box Office

For the second week in a row, director David Gordon Green’s Halloween has slain its competitors and has broken box office records in the process. Having raked in an estimated $32 million domestically over the weekend, which brings its domestic

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#1 at the Box Office, Halloween Smashes Records

Three days into its release, David Gordon Green’s Halloween has smashed box office records, raking in domestically $77m during its opening weekend, making it #1 at the box office, while also rendering it the biggest horror movie opening EVER with

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New ‘HALLOWEEN’ movie makes a welcome return to slash away its predecessors

You’re not afraid of the bogeyman? You should be! What can you say about a dream movie that no HALLOWEEN franchise fan thought would happen? For all intents and purposes,…

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Halloween Premiere Photos, Video & More!

Director and co-writer David Gordon Green’s Halloween held its official premiere to a packed house this past Wednesday, October 17th at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, and HalloweenMovies was there to document the buzzed-about event forty years in the

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Why They Didn’t Make Two ‘Halloween’ Movies Back-to-Back [Exclusive]

The long-awaited Halloween is finally out this weekend, after years of anticipation. Late in 2017, there was talk about possibly filming two Halloween movies back to back, so there would be another sequel ready soon. The sequel was nixed so right now this is the only Halloween movie, and producer Malek Akkad barely remembers the sequel plans.

“I actually forgot about that,” Akkad said. “Yes, there was and it was a bit crazy. We didn’t have a script. David [Gordon Green] and his teams, we all could have done it but the idea was let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see the audience appetite. Let’s see how we all work together. In terms of Trancas’s point of view, we went from having one distributor and now technically three. We have Miramax, Blumhouse and Universal. For everybody involved in this film it’s been a growing process. I think it probably would have been too ambitious to do and that’s I think where we ended up on it. To be completely frank, I forgot about that until right now. It’s been quite a year.”

Had they gone forward with a second film, the Halloween coming out now would still have been the same movie opening Friday. They were not going to save any of this film for a sequel.

“It was going to be a benefit to production and keep the actors and their schedules and the locations,” Akkad said. “It’s a benefit to cost and production but this film was always very much what this film is.”

Perhaps the idea to make two also came from the struggles to get just one made. If they had the green light, it was tempting to get a second film out of it, but Akkad ultimately decided to focus on the one.

“We did start many stops and starts with the previous studios we were with,” Akkad said. “Silly things that were stopping this and starting us and stopping us became very frustrating. This film’s been a nine year odyssey for me. When we finally did get out from that previous deal, we were able to look around and see who we wanted to partner with. We didn’t think we could do better than Blumhouse and Jason Blum.”

The Halloween franchise has enjoyed a strange continuity, where some sequels go together but some sets of sequels completely ignore the others. Even this one ignores Halloween II and H20 yet still stars Jamie Lee Curtis.

“Sort of just by happenstance, the chalkboard was wiped clean in a way that Rob [Zombie]’s chapter was over and now we were going to start again,” Akkad said. “I’ve thought long and hard about this very question many times in the franchise. The first probably being when we decided to do the remake with Rob Zombie and to some extent Resurrection. You can keep going back. The franchise has definitely taken some left turns and I’d be the first to admit there are some installments that are a little better than others. One thing that I’ve come to believe is that this franchise and these characters are bigger than any one installment and any one filmmaker. At least that’s panned out to be true so far. It did take a little getting used to that idea but looking back over the franchise and seeing we’ve taken a lot of these left turns that could be looked at as hard to explain or out of left field anyway. It wasn’t that difficult. After H2O, we brought Jamie back for Resurrection and Michael Myers came back. You can look at many of the different stops and starts.”

It makes the Halloween franchise unique. While Freddy, Jason and Chucky more or less follow a single continuity, Halloween has several different tangents.

“It goes back to these characters and franchises are bigger than any one installment,” Akkad said.

“It’s amazing, our fan base. We love them. We always try to do right by them, always try to expand the fan base. Certainly, there have been times we’ve perhaps disappointed them more than others and other times we’ve been more successful at giving them what they want. You also have to push the envelope a little bit with filmmakers and let them have their voice. It’s an interesting point to say it’s not a continual timeline.”

Halloween opens Friday, October 19.

Halloween (2018) – The Shape is Back 40 Years Later

Halloween (2018)Halloween (2018) was directed by David Gordon Green and was written by Green, Jeff Fradley, and Danny McBride. It is the eleventh installment in the Halloween film series, and a direct sequel to the original 1978 film. It completely retcons the series as it ignores all other films in the franchise after the original.

SPOILER ALERT: This review will talk openly about some plot points of the film. I’ll try not to ruin any major surprises but if you want to be totally spoiler free skip this until you’ve watched the film.

Plot & Thoughts

Set forty years after the original Halloween, we once again follow Laurie Strode who’s been waiting all these years to come face to face with Michael Myers. Naturally, Michael makes his way back to Haddonfield, Illinois to finish her off as she escaped his killing spree on Halloween night back in 1978.

That’s a pretty short plot summary but it’s the gist and honestly it’s all you need. I could give you a beat by beat outline of the plot but it would neither A) spoil or B) enhance your enjoyment of the film. I’m not going to bury the lead here… I REALLY enjoyed this flick. It’s not a perfect film by any stretch and I’ll go into some of that but for horror fans and specifically fans of the Halloween franchise, there’s a lot to like here.

While I’m not a huge fan of all of the sequels in this franchise I had one major concern going in here: Would Michael still be Michael? Let me explain. The concept of Michael Myers is huge at this point. The body count he’s left in his wake across ten previous film is epic. But when we’re erasing 90% of that history what do we have left? A guy who killed five people and two dogs. *womp womp*

While that’s certainly horrific it pales in comparison to the nearly 100 victims he’s piled up in the sequels we just threw away. I’m thrilled to say that they address this right out of the gate and explain why Michael is a force to be reckoned with and why he should still be feared. I’m also happy to report that he leaves that original film’s body count in the dust in short order.

The other big concern I had here was the fact that they’d erased the bloodline between Michael and Laurie (as shown in the trailer). This is addressed. There’s still a reason that Michael wants to come after Laurie. There’s a little suspension of disbelief at play here but I’m totally OK with it.

Let’s start with some stuff that I wasn’t thrilled with.

  • Supporting cast – in general I wasn’t a huge fan of the supporting cast. Many of the high school kids were just sort of there. Luckily there’s not much for them to do as the film revolves heavily around Michael and Laurie.
  • The reboot Loomis – not a fan of this character as it was CLEARLY there to remind us of Dr. Sam Loomis. Hell, they even go so far as to call out the fact that he’s the ‘new Loomis’. Also there’s a particular aspect of this particular character that I really didn’t like. I’m going to leave it at that. I’m guessing you’ll know what I’m talking about after you’ve seen the film.
  • Off screen action – while this is actually used really well in some spots, there’s a couple of times where shit happens off screen that we really should have seen. Not seeing Michael escape was a huge miss in my opinion and I was bummed to have note been shown it. That’s primarily cause I totally enjoyed Michael in this movie so I found myself wanting more.
  • The horror tropes – folks running into the woods when they should be running into the house, falling down when there’s nothing to trip over and people walking around in a dark house when they could just as soon flip on the lights. This sort of thing irritates me every time I see them whether in a big budget flick or an indie. Stop. Horror fans deserve better.

Halloween Still

OK. Let’s get into the stuff that I loved. Keep in mind I’ve only seen it once and I didn’t take notes, so I’m going from first impressions and memory here. That said, I don’t really see much of these thoughts changing on subsequent viewings.

  • The score – John Carpenter’s score is back and better than ever. It’s iconic and it’s done justice. From the word go, you know you’re in a Halloween flick when the music hits.
  • Camera movement, direction & cinematography – this LOOKS like a Halloween flick with deep homages to that original film. There’s a lot of long tracking shots, POV shots, out of focus ‘look in the background’ shots and jump scares galore. You could watch that original film and this back to back and while there would be a passage of time they’d butt up against one another nicely. Think Rogue One to A New Hope in terms of look and feel. It’s flawless.
  • The kills – they’re here in droves. They’re violent, they’re bloody and they’re rooted in reality. One thing I’ve always liked about Michael is that for the most part he’s a reality based killer. If you let yourself, you can imagine some psycho walking into a house and killing the babysitter. There’s a couple of kills here that are really ‘raw’ but not over the top like some of the ‘gore porn’ we’ve grown accustomed to in recent years.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis – she’s great here. I like where they take the character of Laurie Strode forty years later. If there was someone who’d gone through what she’d gone through back in 1978 you could see them turning out this way.
  • Michael – the portrayal of Michael here I completely enjoyed. He’s back to being ‘The Shape’ and that’s right where he needs to be. It’s a mix between the original 1978 version and the Rob Zombie hyper violent version.


In a nutshell, this is a tremendous entry into the Halloween franchise that completely ignores everything after the original. If you were a fan of the ‘story’ of Michael Myers including the cult stuff, the family ties to Laurie Strode and everything else that came in seven sequels and two reboots this one might not be for you. HOWEVER. If you’re a fan of ‘The Shape’ that is Michael Myers, a fan of a strong female lead, a fan of a high kill count full of blood and gore then this is a strong recommend and definitely worth checking out.

Halloween had a budget of only $10 million dollars. I’m not sure how that’s even possible in today’s day and age of blockbusters and shared universes but it’s fair to say that it will make an absolute shit ton of money and deservedly so. There’s slim picking coming to theaters for the rest of the year if you’re a horror fan but that’s OK… Halloween is really all you need this fall season. I imagine there will be some critics who will shit all over this film for it being ‘predictable’ and just another entry into a tired franchise. I’ll end my review with what I said as soon as I walked out of the theater:

If you’re a fan of horror movies and more specifically the Halloween franchise, I’m not sure how you couldn’t enjoy watching this.

I can’t wait to talk about it when more folks have had the opportunity to see it – Halloween opens nationwide on Friday, October 19th.

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