Concept Art for MANDY Suggests One of the Demonic Bikers was Female

We’ve just gotten our first look at some pre-production concept art for the unexpected breakout horror hit Mandy. Shared by artist Rob McCallum via Digital Arts Online, they included interview questions where McCallum discussed the process of working with director Panos Cosmatos and screenplay co-scribe Aaron Stewart-Ahn.

“After reading the great script by Panos and Aaron, I did some roughs and Panos could pick and choose what he liked to develop further. This was all over email. He’d send photos of textures and shapes – one email of pics had a lovely pic of David Lee Roth in full metal pose at the end captioned ‘Dave’.

“I’d work from those onto what would eventually become the final design. We had one call to go through everything – and after that I’d get short notes like ‘make it a cursed object’. For one of the characters’ strap-on blade, [there was just] two words: ‘more rusty’.”

Check out Red Miller, an unholy dagger dubbed “The Tainted Blade”, “The Horn of Abraxis”, and a couple of sketches of Mandy’s demonic bikers. What I found most intriguing is how feminine the bikers look, baring more than just a passing resemblance to the “Stitch Sisters” who appeared in the straight-to-DVD Hellraiser: Inferno (the baldness and scarification specifically). Even though the final products turned out to look very different, many fans have noted their similarities to Clive Barker’s Cenobites.

Whether this means that one or several of the bikers who appeared in Mandy are female is a matter of debate. It’s more likely that the use of highly-concentrated LSD has turned them into something no-longer-human—perhaps beyond binary concepts of gender. Have a look for yourself below and let us know what you think in the Comments section.

mandy concept art amin - Concept Art for MANDY Suggests One of the Demonic Bikers was Female
mandy concept art tainted blade - Concept Art for MANDY Suggests One of the Demonic Bikers was Female
mandy concept art horn - Concept Art for MANDY Suggests One of the Demonic Bikers was Female
mandy concept art hairy horn 1 - Concept Art for MANDY Suggests One of the Demonic Bikers was Female
mandy concept art biker - Concept Art for MANDY Suggests One of the Demonic Bikers was Female
mandy concept art biker2 - Concept Art for MANDY Suggests One of the Demonic Bikers was Female

If you’ve yet to experience Mandy for yourself, you can check out the synopsis and trailer at the bottom of the article. The film stars Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, and Linus Roache.

In the Pacific Northwest in 1983, outsiders Red Miller and Mandy Bloom lead a loving and peaceful existence. When their pine-scented haven is savagely destroyed by a cult led by the sadistic Jeremiah Sand, Red is catapulted into a phantasmagoric journey filled with bloody vengeance and laced with deadly fire.

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Vogue Writer Slams Horror: “Where Have All the Good Horror Movies Gone?”

Remember when horror was good?” asks Vogue writer Taylor Antrim, who proclaims 2018 void of any good horror movies in an article published this week, yet still works in mentions of Hereditary and A Quiet Place – the latter of which he calls a “thriller”. Sigh.

We didn’t even get a decent shark movie this year,” he bolsters like that’s some kind of quantifiable statistic over the past 100 years of cinema. (The funny thing is, the fact that we even did get a mega budget shark blockbuster with The Meg actually shows how huge horror is right now.)

The writer then slams Halloween, before he comically tells readers to watch Revenge, which, I hate to break it to him, came out this year. Remember when horror was good? Like, you mean right now? In this very moment we’re living inside of?

Then, Suspiria is removed from the equation. “Suspiria is not forgettable. Nor is it, I hasten to say, much of a horror film, despite being a remake of one.” He suggests that a horror movie isn’t a horror movie unless it has “an element of fun, of dark delight,” and excludes Suspiria because it wasn’t fun nor did he understand the finale. Must be a “thriller,” eh?

Typical for pieces of this sort, the article has no clear point and builds up to nothing; mostly, it’s supported by the writer’s viewing of WinchesterThe Nun and Slender Man, three not-so-great films that offer only a fraction of horror that was put on display this year. Of course, as most horror fans are aware, the good has far outweighed the bad in 2018.

(And even the baddest, it’s worth pointing out, have proven quite successful.)

But I digress. This feels like yet another mainstream hit piece, one that perhaps it’s best to give no attention to at all. But it’s hard not to. After all, this is exactly the kind of bullshit we horror fans constantly have to deal with. You see, when horror is having a down year, they’ll write, “Horror is dead.” When it’s hot, like it has been for the past few years, they quantify it and remove films to fit their narrative. We’re low class to them. There’s no way a horror film could be so good that it deserves awards… right?

You just watch… when Toni Collette gets nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Hereditary, and Ari Aster gets nominated for “Best Director” and “Best Original Screenplay”, the mainstream media will start the narrative that Hereditary is not a horror movie. Buckle your seatbelts, cause it’s going to happen. Hell, it already has.

Digressing yet again, I don’t understand how one of the biggest magazines on the planet can allow someone to write a horror hit piece having just seen a small handful of horror films?

Outside of the aforementioned Hereditary, A Quiet Place (a monster movie that’s without question a *horror* movie), Revenge and Suspiria (that’s a lot of great horror right there, no?), there have been dozens of phenomenal genre films released in 2018. So much so that I’m having a difficult time narrowing down the best of the year. While you may debate me on the merits of The Predator or this weekend’s Overlord (both extremely fun genre films), I offer you the following counter: Annihilation, Mandy, The Ritual, The Night Comes For Us, One Cut of the Dead, Thoroughbreds, Before I Wake, Ghost Stories, Blue My Mind, What Keeps You Alive, Tumbbad, Lowlife, Possum, Let the Corpses Tan, Terrified, and The Witch In the Window.

I’m sure there’s even more, but let’s not pretend we’re not in the middle of a major horror renaissance. We are. We absolutely are. And true fans of the genre see that clear as day.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now Available On Blu-ray, ‘Mandy’ Comes Packaged With the Fully Uncut Cheddar Goblin Commercial

Plus reversible cover art!

Today’s the day, Cheddar Goblin Fan Club. Just in time for Halloween, Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, bringing the critically acclaimed Nicolas Cage horror film home and where it belongs: on your Blu-ray shelf, ready to be re-watched at your leisure.

Undoubtedly one of this year’s standout horror flicks, Mandy is the truly unforgettable Nicolas Cage genre film we’ve been building towards in recent years, playing out like the cosmic, crazier cousin of Drive Angry. A film that confidently exists in a world entirely of its own creation, Mandy is crazy cool looking at almost all times and bloody as can be. Simply put, it’s a gem.

More elegantly stated, Scott Weinberg wrote in his Mandy review here on BD that it’s a “grimly alluring fever dream,” one that “might just be your new favorite movie of the year.”

Weinberg raved earlier this year, “If you want a bizarre and blistering revenge story set in a uniquely ominous world, Mandy has a lot to offer. If your tastes lean towards genre flicks like Hellraiser, The Wicker Man, and Race with the Devil, there’s very little chance you won’t dig this movie in a big way. And if you’re hoping for a big fat amalgamation of action, horror, pitch black comedy, bittersweet romance, and that wonderfully sweet smell of sheer unpredictability, hell, Mandy might just be your new favorite movie of the year.”

Not that it even needs special features in order for you to buy it, but Mandy‘s Blu-ray release has a handful, including a 22-minute documentary that’s packed with never-before-seen concept art and behind the scenes photos/videos. The mini doc digs into aspects like the script, the casting (Nicolas Cage was originally going to play Jeremiah Sand, not Red Miller!) and the filming locations, featuring insights from Panos Cosmatos as well as producer Elijah Wood.

Also included on the disc, you’ll find 14 minutes of deleted/extended scenes, most notably the complete, “uncut” Cheddar Goblin commercial! This version of the beloved commercial is just a tad bit longer than the one seen in the film itself, and if you’re asking me, more Cheddar Goblin is always a good thing. An extended version of Bill Duke’s monologue is also part of the bonus features package, along with a completely deleted scene wherein Nic Cage laughs maniacally while pumping gas until the total reaches 6.66 gallons. Yes, it’s as glorious as it sounds.

One last thing that’s worth noting is that the Blu-ray art is reversible, with the film’s original poster art featured on the other side of the new home video art. A nice little bonus there.

Grab your copy today!

‘Mandy’ Blu-Ray Release Comes With Even More Cheddar Goblin!


Mandy is easily one of the most beautiful, haunting and brutal experiences around. It is going have no problem sliding into my top three films of the year for 2018. It is a singular experience and perhaps may be Nic Cage’s best role to date. Our fellow iHORROR writer, Jacob Davison shared my sentiment in […]

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‘Mandy’ Sequel Could Involve Nicolas Cage Fighting Nazis

Whether it be in theaters or on TV, there’s definitely been a lot of great horror content for fans to partake of in 2018. One of my personal favorites so far has been Mandy, which casts Nicolas Cage as a grieving husband who embarks on a murderous rampage of revenge. Of course, the people Cage’s […]

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Cage Rage vs Nazi Punks: Director Talks MANDY PART II

Panos Cosmatos’ cosmic horror film Mandy starring Nicolas Cage has been all the rage lately. And so all of us are left to wonder, is there a sequel in the works?

People have asked me about it. I don’t know if I’m a sequels kind of person,” Cosmatos told IndieWire. “I prefer each film to have its own unique identity.”

He then added, “When I was writing the film, to amuse myself, I imagined a sequel that took place with Red Miller fighting Nazi punks in a bombed-out city. I don’t know if that would ever happen, but it’s a fun thought.”

What do you think of this idea for Mandy Part II? Make sure to let us know in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Directed by Panos Cosmatos from a screenplay he co-wrote along with Aaron Stewart-Ahn Mandy stars Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache, Ned Dennehy, Olwen Fouéré, Richard Brake, and Bill Duke. Buy Mandy on Blu-ray RIGHT HERE.


In the Pacific Northwest in 1983, outsiders Red Miller and Mandy Bloom lead a loving and peaceful existence. When their pine-scented haven is savagely destroyed by a cult led by the sadistic Jeremiah Sand, Red is catapulted into a phantasmagoric journey filled with bloody vengeance and laced with deadly fire.

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Mandy is Metal AF [Blu-Ray Review]

Wicked Horror is the author of Mandy is Metal AF [Blu-Ray Review]. Wicked Horror is the internet’s only horror fan site for free original horror movies, news, review & more.

Red and Mandy live a peaceful and pleasant existence in their forest dwelling. But their idyllic way of life is interrupted when a sadistic cult leader becomes obsessed with Mandy and abducts her. Having his love snatched away from him sends Red into a revenge-fueled tailspin of epic proportions.

I am a big fan of Panos Cosmatos’ style. He is a visionary director and although this is only his second feature film, his aesthetic is unmistakable. His previous filmic effort, Beyond the Black Rainbow solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with and he has only further proven just how tremendous his talent is with his sophomore outing.

Related: Five Contemporary Horror Films that Perfectly Recaptured ’80s Horror (Including Beyond the Black Rainbow)

Cosmatos tells a visually striking and profoundly surreal story with Mandy. It features breathtaking cinematography and a surreal and hazy color palette that makes the picture feel even more dreamlike. He proudly wears his influences on his sleeve–not afraid to pay homage to that which inspires him, yet still telling a wholly original tale. The result  is a film that is part ’80s metal video, part fever dream, part acid trip, and part exploitation flick. It sounds like an odd juxtaposition but the film very much exists at the intersection of grindhouse and arthouse.

Director Panos Cosmatos penned the screenplay for Mandy with cowriter Aaron Stewart-Ahn. The duo created a script that is exceptionally imaginative on paper but even more so when realized (under Cosmatos’ keen directorial eye) onscreen. Mandy boasts one of the most creative and original screenplays I’ve seen brought to life in recent memory. It’s unpredictable and takes the viewer on a wild ride.

One of Mandy’s many strong suits is that it is highly convincing as a period piece. It feels very much like a lost classic from the VHS era. The wardrobe and styling serve to transport the viewer back in time to 1983 when the picture takes place. The characters authentically look like they walked right out of a heavy metal music video from the early ’80s. Everything from the set design to the hair and makeup gives Mandy an impressive air of authenticity.

What separates this heavy metal fever dream from typical grindhouse fare is its exceptional performances and focus on character development. Nicolas Cage turns in a heart felt and gut-wrenching appearance as Red. When the love of his life is taken away, the audience feels like they are there with him. His heartbreak is not only believable, its palpable. Cage isn’t overacting or phoning it in like he has in a lot of his more recent outings. He is certainly still intense but his intensity is appropriate to the role and it never really approaches the level of scenery chewing. Andrea Riseborough is equally good as the titular character. She comes across as strong but fragile and tough, yet vulnerable. Linus Roache is perfectly cast as the sadistic cult leader. He oozes evil and projects a sense of utter instability.

If I haven’t managed to sell you on the emotional aspects of the film, perhaps I can interest you in the FX work. Mandy is full of messy, gory, nauseating practical effects that would feel right at home at a GWAR show. It even features one of the most grotesque blood vomit scenes I’ve seen in some time. And that’s to say nothing of the numerous decapitation sequences and various acts of stabbiness.

I was also taken with the film’s wicked, dark sense of humor. In one particularly memorable scene, Nic Cage lights a cigarette in the flames of a recently decapitated character’s flaming severed head.

My only qualm with Mandy is that it has some pacing problems. I realize that Cosmatos wanted to spend the first half of the film establishing the authenticity of Mandy and Red’s relationship so that the retribution sequences would feel authentic and warranted. However, taking over an hour to get to the revenge spree is almost certain to alienate and bore some viewers. With that in mind, if you can be patient with the slow build, the payoff makes the anticipation more than worthwhile.

The Blu-ray transfer of the film is crisp and vivid, allowing the viewer to see the director’s vision in all of its crazy glory. The home video release includes an insightful and honest behind-the-scenes featurette and a series of deleted and extended scenes. Mandy is metal af and you should make haste to check it out when it drops on Blu-ray October 30th.


Director(s): Panos Cosmatos
Writer(s): Panos Cosmatos and Aaron Stewart-Ahn
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, and Linus Roache
Release: October 30, 2018 (Home Video)
Studio/ Production Co: SpectreVision, RLJ Entertainment
Budget: $6 Million (estimated)
Language: English
Length: 121 Minutes

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Love The Cheddar Goblin From ‘Mandy’? Now You Can Be One!

Mandy, starring Nicholas Cage, appears to be nothing short of a critical hit this season, and one of the most beloved parts of this bizarre film is the Cheddar Goblin commercial that plays during the film. And how lucky we are to live in an age with so many talented people bringing all of our favorite […]

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‘Mandy’ Fans, Now There’s Even a Limited Edition Cheddar Goblin Halloween Mask!

Yes, now YOU can become the infamous Cheddar Goblin.

We literally just got done telling you guys about a Chicago restaurant that’s launching a Cheddar Goblin-inspired, Mandy tribute menu this month, and now director Panos Cosmatos lets us know that there’s a limited edition Cheddar Goblin Halloween mask, now available!

Selling through Legion M, the “ultra limited” mask was sculpted by Shane Morton and cast molded by Kevin Meaux at Silver Scream FX Lab, exactly like the beloved Cheddar Goblin from the film. Each handcrafted mask is a one of a kind work of art, sculpted, molded, cast in ghoulish green latex rubber, airbrushed and then hand painted by the original fabricators.

Only 50 will be produced, including a Certificate of Authenticity signed by director Panos Cosmatos, sculptor/designer Shane Morton, and creator Casper Kelly.

The site notes, “Silver Scream FX Lab is not a mask factory, so this is a once in a lifetime chance to get your own movie quality prop, made by famed special effects artists with the care and attention to detail that they are renowned for. Because each mask is hand poured and painted, there will be minor differences in each piece, truly making each one an original. They are made without eye and nose holes cut into them for better display, but can be easily modified and worn as a full over the head mask.”

These are selling for $199 each, set to begin shipping October 29.

Chicago Restaurant ‘Taco in a Bag’ is Launching a Special Cheddar Goblin Menu to Pay Tribute to ‘Mandy’!

He only appeared in a small scene in Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy, the star of a faux commercial that Nicolas Cage’s character stops to watch after a nightmarish ordeal, but the film’s Cheddar Goblin has nevertheless become something of a horror icon in his own right. The world just can’t get enough of the mac ‘n cheese-spewing creature, and honestly, we can’t either.

The reason we’re bringing up Cheddar Goblin yet again here today is because restaurant owner Tim Brown has just let us know that his restaurant, Taco in a Bag in Chicago, Illinois, is celebrating the home video release of Mandy (October 30th) with a special Cheddar Goblin-inspired popup menu that’ll be available October 29-31, from 6pm to midnight!

Brown tells us, “Crazy good menu with THE actual Cheddar Goblin with 30 points of articulated mac and cheese vomit action and a mini Nicholas Cage. It’s gonna be lit.

Check out the full Cheddar Goblin menu below!

Taco in a Bag is located on 4603 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.