Become Travis Touchdown in ‘LET IT DIE’ Crossover Event

In one of those “Why didn’t they do this before?” moments, Grasshopper Manufacture is doing a crossover event with two of their titles. Their 2017 free-to-play hack ‘n slasher LET IT DIE is getting a visit from 2007’s Wii hack ‘n slasher No More Heroes in the form of protagonist Travis Touchdown.

Well, his costume and gear, specifically.

From now until January 16, 2019, and you can get the blueprint for Travis’ Beam Katana, which is available at the vending machine Hernia. You can also get a series of No More Heroes decals (with each having their own unique effects), or listen to tracks from No More Heroes, available on the radio in the Hated Arcade.

Lastly, you’ll find Travis Imposters roaming around the Tower of Barbs. There’s a chance that by defeating these imposters, they’ll drop a piece of Travis equipment, including his sunglasses, jacket and pants. Certainly better than running around in your undies.

LET IT DIE released on Steam back on September 26th.

‘The Hum’ Resumes Development, ‘Abductions’ Put on Hold

Remember Totwise Studios’ The Hum: Abductions? Don’t be surprised, as it’s been in development for a while. A long while. Well, the man behind the project, Ariel Arias, has posted a little update on The Hum: Abductions, as well as just what’s going on with his ambitious project.

It turns out that The Hum: Abductions (which is a separate project to another game Arias is working on called The Hum) was put on hold due to personal issues. Also, due to Arias being the only one working on the games’ development, he’s had to postpone development of Abductions (though it’s still on Steam Greenlight) and focus solely on The Hum. As well, he’s switched The Hum project over to Unity from Unreal.

Now obviously, Unreal is the more graphically-impressive engine, but as Arias puts it, “aslong [sic] as the game feel good, I know you will be happy too”. Plus, Arias has posted a couple of progress videos on the development of The Hum since its restart, which you can find on his blog. No word yet on when The Hum will make its way onto Steam, but Arias still hopes to have it for PC and PlayStation 4.

Thanks to RelyOnHorror for the heads up!

Another ‘Darksiders III’ Trailer Brings The Apocalypse

THQ Nordic’s Darksiders III unleashes hell in a few short weeks, and in preparation, we’ve another trailer that nicely summarizes the story for the game, while also showing off the game’s graphical prowess, Fury’s stylish attacks, and her general badassery.

If you haven’t already, there’s still time to pre-order the game, which nets you a whack of stuff, either physically or digitally.

Darksiders III is out on November 27th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

New Trailer For ‘The Sinking City’ Returns to The Weird

The Golden Joystick Awards are underway, and as a surpise, Frogwares have debuted a new trailer for their upcoming Cthulhu mythos adventure game The Sinking City. The trailer is actually a recut of an earlier trailer, but by no means is it any less impressive.

It’s frustrating that we have to wait until March 21, 2019 to get our hands on the game, but what can you do? The trailer isn’t widely available yet, but you can check it out here, courtesy of PC Gamer.

The Sinking City will launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Plan Your ‘Fallout 76’ Character With “You Are S.P.E.C.I.A.L.”

With Fallout 76 out today, you might be wondering just how you’re going to plan out creating your character. In spite of the new collectible perk card mechanic that allows you to swap in and out special boosts whenever the situation requires it, the problem of if you mess up building your character isn’t as easy to fix. You’re stuck with what you make until Bethesda decides to give you the option of a re-roll.

But, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of flesh (or something). Coders Nukes & Dragons have created an easy to use character build planner for those who are big into planning out their characters.

You Are S.P.E.C.I.A.L. is a handy tool that calculates the effects stat increases have on your carry weight, hit points, and action points. It also has a searchable database of all the perk cards that have been revealed so far, as well as some discovered by dataminers.

Fallout 76 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Grab Stylish ‘Devil May Cry’ Duds in Latest ‘Monster Hunter: World’ Event

Capcom is kicking off a special crossover event in Monster Hunter: World for PC users this week, which also has the benefit of getting the hype train up and running for Devil May Cry 5. The event begins on November 22nd, and will last two weeks. Players will be able to snag a bunch of special items, including a sword reminiscent of Dante’s own sword, and a “totally not Dante’s coat” armour.

Beginning with the event, and continuing after, you’ll also be able to purchase new DLC: the Devil May Cry Dual Guns gesture and Devil May Cry sticker set. As well, you’ll also have a new Elder Dragon to fight in the form of Lunastra. In the Monster Hunter lore, Lunastra is the blue mate of the fiery Elder Dragon Teostra. Her materials can be used to create new weapons, a unique armor set, and Palico armor.

Now, if this event seems familiar for non-PC users, that’s because this event occurred for the console versions back in May. PC users have been playing catch-up since, which makes sense since the game only launched back in August for PC. The latest record-breaking entry in the franchise also received two nominations for this year’s Game Awards, which take place next month in Los Angeles.

Devil May Cry 5 hits PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One March 8, 2019.

Supermassive Games Working on Several Entries to ‘The Dark Pictures’ Anthology

With 2015’s Until Dawn and it’s prequel, last year’s The Inpatient, Supermassive Games’ upcoming The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan should be awesome. What’s even more awesome is that Supermassive Games are apparently working on more than just Man of Medan.

In an interview with (which is in Russian, obviously), Supermassive Games managing director Pete Samuels was asked why Man of Medan wasn’t a PlayStation 4 exclusive, as the developer’s previous two games were Sony-specific.

“Well, the relationship with Sony is still excellent,” says Samuels. “We are working on several unannounced PS-exclusives. True, it is impossible to talk about them in detail. In general, I really wanted to present our work to the widest possible audience. That is, The Dark Pictures needs to be released on several platforms.”

Elsewhere, Samuels clarifies the idea that the studio is working on several entries to The Dark Pictures anthology, which is actually not a trilogy. “[M]any journalists misinterpreted [what was said]: they decided that we were preparing a trilogy. This is not entirely true. Right now, the studio is engaged in three chapters to release them within a year. We have plans for the fourth project, we know what we want to see, but so far we have not taken it. There are ideas for the fifth edition, and for the sixth. There are a lot of episodes.”

The rest of the interview covers the making of Until Dawn, which if you’re a fan, it’s a fascinating read (even if it’s been translated from Russian). You can read the rest of the interview from the above link.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

Coder Restores Massive ‘Bloodborne’ Boss Cut from the Game

To go along with the “is it?” Easter Egg found in Déraciné that could possibly be hinting at Bloodborne 2, a coder has made an interesting discovery in the original Bloodborne: A boss that was cut entirely from the game!

To go along with the previously-unused content found in the game, a Youtuber by the name of Lance McDonald has found a giant Snake Ball boss that never made it into the final version of the game. This is different than the standard Snake Ball and Great Snake Ball enemies found in the Forbidden Woods, as it’s massive. It’s in fact larger than Vicar Amelia.

Judging from the fact that when the boss is stunned, snakes that were featured in the Shadow of Yharman boss fight appear indicate that this cut boss was originally supposed to be used in place of the Shadow of Yharman. You can read more on the boss from Eurogamer’s article, or better yet, check out McDonald’s video below.

Easter Egg in FromSoftware’s ‘Déraciné’ Hints at ‘Bloodborne 2’?

Okay, it’s not quite tinfoil hat time, but with FromSoftware recently releasing mystery adventure game Déraciné for PlayStation VR, some fans have taken a scene in the game to mean that a sequel to the much-loved Bloodborne is not too far off.

Granted, we all thought the Sekiro teaser was meant to be Bloodborne 2 (and even that game looks cool). Then there was that apparent leak by Amazon Italy of Bloodborne 2‘s release date. But this? This is different.

Partway through Déraciné, players will come across a doll that can be picked up and studied. Upon closer inspection, the doll is performing the “Make Contact” gesture from Bloodborne. Further intrigue can be found in the description: “A doll of the stone girl Fiona who appears in the unfinished tale. When a person has a bad dream, Fiona appears and helps them flee.”

Bloodborne players know that one of the game’s main NPC characters is called The Doll, which is found at Hunter’s Dream. Then there’s the reference to an “unfinished tale”. Does this mean that the story told in Bloodborne isn’t finished?

This could all be FromSoftware messing with fans, but really, given the popularity of Bloodborne, why wouldn’t they make a sequel? I guess we’ll find out sooner or later (or perhaps even before that 2019 release date from Amazon Italy).

Spartan Collector’s Edition Announced For ‘Metro Exodus’

With Metro Exodus hitting Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next February, Deep Silver have sweetened the deal for those who have passed on the previously-announced Aurora Edition of the game, which is more for the collectors in mind.

The Spartan Collector’s Edition (which can be pre-ordered on the game’s official site) includes a copy of the game, a premium quality 10.5-inch Artyom resin statue, an authentic Spartan Order dog tag and patches, “Artyom’s Memories” collectible postcards, and a “gigantic metal-sealed canister” to house it all. And, for those that held out, the Spartan Collector’s Edition can be purchased with or without the aforementioned Aurora Limited Edition.

Metro Exodus hits retail February 22nd, 2019.