Final Girls Ep 104: ‘Phantoms’ & ‘The Faculty’

Hey there Lovelies and thank you for downloading the 104th episode of Final Girls Horrorcast! This week The Girls get nostalgic when they discuss the ’98 horror sci-fi romps ‘Phantoms’

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[Review] “Deadwax” Has An Eerie Atmosphere And Killer Sound

On paper, Shudder’s new original series Deadwax (premiering Nov. 15) sounds like The Ring but just with a different object that kills its user. While that isn’t untrue, the series expands that initial premise with intriguing world-building and lore. And of course, the music is great, otherwise what is the point?

The opening scene shows a man meticulously taking out a plain red vinyl record, treating it like a mythical thing of sinister beauty, like the music version of the Lament Configuration. He places the record on a turntable, as the needle slowly goes down, looking more like a guillotine about to chop off a head. He sits down and smiles as the record begins to play, the camera closing in on his face. Then a quick and horrible sound interrupts the man as the screen goes black and then reveals the same man, dead, with his skin gray and mummified, his eye sockets empty and black as the void of space.

It’s an eye-opening start to what accounts for about two hours of TV. If you are the type to complain about shows and films being too long, then Deadwax’s 15-minute-long episodes should be right up your alley. Graham Reznick uses his extensive background as a sound designer, which includes The House of the Devil, and In a Valley of Violence, to craft a show where sound is essential. While good sound design is important in horror (look at this year’s A Quiet Place), there’s usually not a lot of experimenting with it. Reznic bases his entire premise on the idea of sound as a beautiful yet menacing thing, capable of horrible damage. The electric 70s giallo-inspired music, the eerie burst of static noise in the background and the audio cues before the jump scares elevate this beyond its comparisons to The Ring.

In the span of eight episodes, Deadwax follows Etta (Hannah Gross) a vinyl collector and hunter hired by rich people to track down rare records. She will do anything to get her hands on the rarest of the rare, even breaking into people’s houses at night. Her latest score includes a unique record from legendary sound engineer Lyle M. Lytton, part of a series and one of only three pressings in existence. This leads her to hearing about one of the other two records, one with weird markings on its deadwax (the space between the grooves and the label), said to be haunted. Meanwhile, a police officer while investigating the death of our mummy guy from the beginning will get more than he gambled for when he comes across the record.

Inspired by the concept of backmasking – hidden messages in vinyl records that can be discovered when playing backwards – and the Satanic Panic of the 70s, Deadwax treats its acetate subjects as mythical, almost magical objects. Reznick constantly uses close-ups and lingers on the turntable, the needle, and the turning of the vinyl as if it was otherworldly. Those who collect vinyl are portrayed not as hipsters or tinfoil-hat-wearing nutjobs, but as protectors of a sort of ancient art that the rest of the world doesn’t know about. Most of episode 4 is devoted to a college DJ alone in his booth talking about how special the format is. The show manages to also expand the lore of its universe without the need to show everything, as little pieces get added to the mystery and the mythology of Lytton’s killer record, specially around the idea of frequency resonance manipulation, and the notion that sound waves can make the human body react in invisible and sometimes deadly ways.

In the four episodes of Deadwax I saw, the series managed to create an eerie atmosphere that doesn’t shy away from gory and practical deaths like the mummified body or exploding heads. The mythology of the show is intriguing, and the characters have enough development to make you care, but the real winner is the short episode runtimes, which are laser-focused and will leave you wanting to binge the whole thing in one sitting.

Joe Bob Briggs on the State of Horror, Censorship, and More [Exclusive]

Wicked Horror is the author of Joe Bob Briggs on the State of Horror, Censorship, and More [Exclusive]. Wicked Horror is the internet’s only horror fan site for free original horror movies, news, review & more.

My introduction to Joe Bob Briggs was more than 20 years ago. I was changing channels one Saturday evening and stumbled across Troll, the 1986 cult classic about child-abducting dwarf monsters that turn Sonny Bono into a kumquat gift basket, on TNT. Unbeknownst to me, however, this wasn’t just any old screening of Troll, it was the Monstervision airing, which — of course — meant it was coupled with commentary from Mr. Briggs all night long. 

As soon as Joe Bob rolled those drive-in totals (in which he boiled down the film to its core essence — number of onscreen deaths, exposed breasts, monster transformation sequences, etc.) I was hooked. Here was a guy who was the anti Leonard Maltin, an of-the-soil humorist who truly appreciated cinematic trash as the unrefined, unsung art it truly was. So amused by his wit and the scope of his useless movie trivia knowledge (remember, this was well before IMDb ruled the world) that I decided to stick around for the second movie on the double bill — the no-budget ‘80s sci-fi cheapie Trancers — even though I had no real interest in that particular movie itself. The way Joe Bob deconstructed and dissected and disassembled movies was so appealing that Monstervision was worth checking out solely to hear him go off on rants and tangents and asides about everything from French philosophy to Civil War literature to expressionistic art.

For the next three years, my entire week basically revolved around Saturday night. It didn’t matter if Monstervision was showing a legitimately great genre movie like Return of the Living Dead or an unsung gem like Parents or even utter dreck like Superbeast, getting to hear Joe Bob yammer and rave until early Sunday morning made each and every episode a must-see. To this day, the infamous 1998 dusk-to-dawn Friday the 13th mega-movie-marathon remains one of the highlights of my middle school years.   

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But Joe Bob Briggs and Monstervision just didn’t cement my genre fandom, it made me a connoisseur of cinema as a whole. Hearing Joe Bob simply talk about all the movies he couldn’t show on a Turner network inspired me to seek out stuff I otherwise never would’ve heard of — not just exploitation classics like The Last House on the Left and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but the works of Bergman and Antonioni to boot.

Yes … a guy named “Joe Bob” was what got me into classic Italian cinema. Go figure.

A photograph of Joe Bob Briggs

Legendary drive-in film critic Joe Bob Briggs returns to Shudder Nov. 22 for his “Dinners of Death” marathon.

Ever since Monstervision was cancelled in 2000 I dreamed of the day that some network came along and resurrected the program. Well, earlier this year — and after an 18-year-hiatus — Joe Bob Briggs made his triumphant return to the airwaves … well, sorta … when the online streaming service Shudder aired a “live” 24-hour movie marathon hosted by the Old Milwaukee-chuggin’ one himself. The feedback from the aptly titled The Last Drive-In was overwhelming — literally, since so many long-deprived Joe Bob fans logged onto the network that the Shudder servers crashed.

This summer’s movie marathon proved so popular that Shudder’s bringing Joe Bob Briggs back for not just one but TWO holiday specials — the Thanksgiving-themed “Dinners of Death” on Nov. 22 and “A Very Joe Bob Christmas,” slated for Dec. 21. But that’s not all — in our exclusive interview with Joe Bob, the drive-in legend divulges some details on plans for a regular weekly Shudder program set to air next year!

All I can say is that it was both a hoot and an honor to get to spend an hour shooting the breeze with one of my long-time pop culture idols, and it was certainly entertaining and enlightening to hear his thoughts on modern horror, fandom demographics, media distribution platforms, censorship and his own long-term business plans (aspiring filmmakers, you’ll definitely want to take note here.)

Of course, considering a man of Joe Bob’s distinction, I think it’s for the best if we let him speak for himself, don’t you? So kick back, plug in your headphones and pop open that tall boy — it’s time to hear the living legend tell it like it is

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[Trailer] “Joe Bob’s Dinners of Death” Brings Joe Bob Briggs Back to Shudder on Thanksgiving Night!

Back in July, Shudder brought iconic horror host Joe Bob Briggs back to television with the 24-hour “Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs,” which was so successful it damn near broke the internet. They promised that Joe Bob would be back for more, and indeed he will be!

First up, Shudder will bring back the iconic horror host for Thanksgiving and Christmas specials, to be titled “The Dinners of Death” and “A Very Joe Bob Christmas.” 

“The Dinners of Death” will air on Thanksgiving night, November 22, at 9pm EST, and it’ll feature four movies hosted by Joe Bob, including Joe Bob’s personal all-time favorite.

The movies featured will tie into the theme of “deadly dinners.” Preview the fun below.

UK Series “A Discovery of Witches” Has Been Renewed for Second and Third Seasons

Ahead of the debut season of Sky’s UK drama “A Discovery of Witches” landing on Sundance Now and Shudder this coming January, Deadline reports tonight that the AMC Networks streaming services have also acquired the just-ordered second and third seasons of the series, which will arrive here in the States after they’ve aired in the UK.

From the best-selling trilogy of novels, “A Discovery of Witches” stars Lights Out‘s Teresa Palmer and Stoker‘s Matthew Goode. She’s a witch. He’s a vampire. And they’re in love.

The only problem? Inter-species romance is forbidden in this world. Well damn.

Diana Bishop, historian and witch, accesses Ashmole 782 and knows she must solve its mysteries. She is offered help by the enigmatic Matthew Clairmont, but he’s a vampire and witches should never trust vampires.”

In the second season, written by Sarah Dollard and Susie Conklin, Matthew and Diana are hiding in time in the fascinating and treacherous world of Elizabethan London, where they must find a powerful witch teacher to help Diana control her magic and search for the elusive Book of Life.

Final Girls Ep 103 ‘Resolution’ & ‘The Endless’

Welcome back for the 103rd episode of Final Girls Horrorcast! This week The Girls return to their standard format when they discuss the Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead’s ‘Resolution’ & ‘The

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Stream STAN LEE’S LUCKY MAN on Shudder now!


Based on an original idea from comic book legend Stan Lee: Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt), a cop from Central London, is down on his luck. His wife and child left him because of his gambling habit, and his boss thinks he’s in league with the devil.

A chance meeting with a mysterious woman who gives him an ancient bracelet changes everything. 

What is luck anyway? Watch Now!

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Stream John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN for free!

Exactly what it says! The good folks at Shudder are giving the masses 24 straight hours of John Carpenter’s classic Halloween for FREE! For those that wanna revisit the classic before they see 2018’s follow up, this is the perfect opportunity. Simply click on the graphic below!


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Listen to John Carpenter’s SHUDDER Theme

Legendary horror director and composer John Carpenter has created a new official musical theme for Shudder. The new theme will make its Shudder debut on Oct. 31, 2018, during an 24-hour streaming marathon of Carpenter’s hit 1978 film Halloween. The marathon will be available for free on Shudder TV’s live stream HERE.

Carpenter created both a 2-minute version of the theme, appropriately titled “Shudder,” and a 5-second version that will serve as the network’s official moniker. The moniker will accompany the logo animation in front of movies and TV series.

We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind audio identity for Shudder and the first person we thought of was John Carpenter,” said Shudder GM Craig Engler. “We approached John and to our delight, he was enthusiastic about the idea and came up with an iconic theme that will enchant and thrill Shudder members every time they hear it.”

In celebration of the holiday and the new theme, Shudder will be streaming Carpenter’s original Halloween all day on Halloween at Shudder TV, free for members and non-members alike in the U.S.. The new Carpenter-scored ID will run between airings of the film.

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Final Girls Ep 102: Halloween Grab Bag V – ‘Witchery’ & ‘The Mummy’

Welcome back for the 102nd episode of Final Girls Horrorcast! For their special October series this year The Girls will cover some films that go along with traditional Halloween costumes.

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