‘DayZ’ Leaves Early Access Next Week

Remember how it took an eternity for Bohemia Interactive to bring DayZ into beta? Well, the open world zombie shooter is now heading out of beta and Early Access on December 13th. In fact, they’ve whipped up a trailer for the occasion. You can read up on the 1.0 release information on Steam.

Currently, DayZ is on for $34.99, but that will increase to $44.99 next week. The Xbox One version will transition out of Xbox Game Preview early next year, and the PS4 version will release at some point later on in 2019.

‘The Blackout Club’ Receives New Content, Fixes in Latest Update

Question Games’ The Blackout Club (which Thomas and Jim have previewed) has just received a second content update, announced on its Steam page. The update includes a whack of goodies, including new areas and quests, as well as new gameplay options and bugfixes.

“This update marks the first of our new update schedule, which should come about every two weeks moving forward,” says the devs. “The focus on this update was getting some new content in the game while continuing to fix bugs and start to address feedback and balance issues.”

Among the new content is an addition to the cryptogram mission that includes an extra challenge for higher level players (and rewards more XP as a result), a new threat in the form of the Acoustic Mine, tweaks to gameplay, uncapped framerate, the ability to host Friends-only or public games, as well as the ability to kick players. As Jim and Thomas have both said, this could potentially be a great co-op game once issues are ironed out, so do check it out if you’re interested.

The Blackout Club was released on October 30th for Steam Early Access.

Supernatural Monster Hunting RPG ‘HellSign’ Out Now on Steam Early Access

To celebrate the launch of their supernatural RPG HellSign on Steam Early Access, Ballistic Interactive have released a launch trailer detailing the daily grind of a Hunter, the last line of defense between our world and the savage creatures that lurk beyond.

Of course, there’s more to the story than your occupation. It seems while you were working a particularly dangerous job, you ended up dying. You somehow wake up alive, but now there’s a fresh brand your skin that you don’t remember getting. Things only get weirder from there, as you’re called out to an area where otherworldly sightings have occurred.

The Early Access version of HellSign features the first chapter of the game, with three bosses and 13 different creatures to hunt. The full release will include a fully-fleshed story mode set over three chapters, with over a dozen bosses and creatures to stomp out. Visit the game’s Steam page to check it out.

Retro Shooter ‘DUSK’ Launch Date Announced (For a Demonic Price)

Halloween is sadly over (at least, according to the calendar), but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop getting treats. For those itching for the next episode of New Blood Interactive’s throwback to 90s shooters in DUSK, you’ll unfortunately have to wait a little while longer. However, the good news is that the game will blast out of Early Access on December 10th!

Launching version 1.0 at a special price of $16.66, DUSK also recently received an update that adds a 3rd endless arena, a new multiplayer character, and full controller support. As well, those who already own the first two episodes of DUSK on Steam Early Access will be able to play v1.0 three days earlier than the rest of us.

As well, for those who pay the current price for DUSK, you’ll be given the opportunity to play Episode 3 “A whole weekend ahead of all the villainous scum who waited for launch.” It’s only three bucks more, and hey, if you enjoy watching things go boom, why not support them?

‘Apparition’ Spooks up Launch Trailer

With Apparition hitting Steam Early Access this Halloween, developer MrCiastku and publisher Fat Dog Games’ have released a launch trailer for the “not quite Fatal Frame” survival horror game.

The new trailer in question shows off the player’s investigative tools, as well as the some of the dangers that lurk in the Green Creek woods. Players will have to choose between risking to staying longer to uncover more info about the mysteries of Green Creek, or escape before what haunts the area makes sure that you never leave.

Apparition will be available for $9.99.

‘Dying Light: Bad Blood’ Now Available on Steam Early Access

Back in August, it was announced that Techland was looking to add a Battle Royale mode to it’s successful open-world survival horror zombiefest in Dying Light called Dying Light: Bad Blood. Well the time has arrived, as Bad Blood is out now on Steam through Early Access.

Now, unlike say Fortnite, Bad Blood will only have twelve players duking it out on the map. Bad Blood also incorporates PvP and PvE elements, where you’ll have to fend off against zombies in addition to other players.

On top of gathering weapons and other resources, you’ll also need to collect blood samples from the infected, which are tied to the game’s victory condition. Gathering enough samples gets you a seat on the evacuation chopper, which gets you out of the city (similar to how Vostok Games’ Fear The Wolves functions, albeit on a much larger scale). However, only one player will be able to board the helicopter, so first come, first saved.

You can also still grab the Founder’s pack, which includes all of those goodies mentioned last month. Techland has stated that the game will transition to a free-to-play model once it leaves Early Access. There’s still no word on if or when Bad Blood will make its way to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, so stay tuned.

Hunt Your “Monster of The Week” in Ballistic Interactive’s ‘HellSign’

If you were a fan of Meagan’s article regarding The X-Files10 best “Monster of the Week” episodes, then chances are Ballistic Interactive’s HellSign will be up your alley.

Set to head onto Steam Early Access on November 7th, 2018, HellSign is a “hardcore supernatural RPG experience that captures the feeling of being in-too-deep during a paranormal investigation with nothing but your wits and some rusty hunting gear.” Putting you in the shoes of a paranormal investigator, you travel around Australia investigating the unknown and taking down all manner of monsters.

With the full game boasting a Story Mode containing three chapters, 12+ bosses and more than 25 different creatures to hunt, and over 40 hours of gameplay, HellSign is one for X-Philes to check out. Hit up the game on Steam, or check out Ballistic Interactive’s site for more info.