Exclusively at Target, You Can Grab ‘Jaws’ on Blu-ray in Retro VHS Packaging!

Target has been having a whole lot of fun tapping into VHS nostalgia this year, as their exclusive Blu-ray and 4K releases of the second season of “Stranger Things” are housed in VHS packaging, while they’re also selling ’80s movie t-shirts packaged inside of VHS boxes.

Now, you can even grab a copy of Jaws on Blu-ray… in VHS packaging!

The new “VHS Artwork” Blu-ray line from Target includes a handful of films, but Jaws is the only horror one. Other titles include Fletch, The Breakfast Club, E.T. and Fast Times.

Jaws on VHS/Blu-ray can be yours for just $12.99, in stores and online.

Funko and Target Partner for “80s VHS Tees,” Movie Shirts Housed in VHS Boxes!

Funko is tapping into our collective VHS nostalgia with a new line of “80s VHS Tees” that’ll be exclusively available in Target stores, the toy company announced over the weekend.

Genre gems Gremlins, Beetlejuice and RoboCop are included in the t-shirt collection, with each of the shirts housed inside of retro-style, worn and weathered VHS boxes!

The collection also includes Back to the Future, Rocky, Bloodsport, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Animal House.

No date has been provided, but these are listed as “Coming Soon.”