Vogue Writer Slams Horror: “Where Have All the Good Horror Movies Gone?”

Remember when horror was good?” asks Vogue writer Taylor Antrim, who proclaims 2018 void of any good horror movies in an article published this week, yet still works in mentions of Hereditary and A Quiet Place – the latter of which he calls a “thriller”. Sigh.

We didn’t even get a decent shark movie this year,” he bolsters like that’s some kind of quantifiable statistic over the past 100 years of cinema. (The funny thing is, the fact that we even did get a mega budget shark blockbuster with The Meg actually shows how huge horror is right now.)

The writer then slams Halloween, before he comically tells readers to watch Revenge, which, I hate to break it to him, came out this year. Remember when horror was good? Like, you mean right now? In this very moment we’re living inside of?

Then, Suspiria is removed from the equation. “Suspiria is not forgettable. Nor is it, I hasten to say, much of a horror film, despite being a remake of one.” He suggests that a horror movie isn’t a horror movie unless it has “an element of fun, of dark delight,” and excludes Suspiria because it wasn’t fun nor did he understand the finale. Must be a “thriller,” eh?

Typical for pieces of this sort, the article has no clear point and builds up to nothing; mostly, it’s supported by the writer’s viewing of WinchesterThe Nun and Slender Man, three not-so-great films that offer only a fraction of horror that was put on display this year. Of course, as most horror fans are aware, the good has far outweighed the bad in 2018.

(And even the baddest, it’s worth pointing out, have proven quite successful.)

But I digress. This feels like yet another mainstream hit piece, one that perhaps it’s best to give no attention to at all. But it’s hard not to. After all, this is exactly the kind of bullshit we horror fans constantly have to deal with. You see, when horror is having a down year, they’ll write, “Horror is dead.” When it’s hot, like it has been for the past few years, they quantify it and remove films to fit their narrative. We’re low class to them. There’s no way a horror film could be so good that it deserves awards… right?

You just watch… when Toni Collette gets nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Hereditary, and Ari Aster gets nominated for “Best Director” and “Best Original Screenplay”, the mainstream media will start the narrative that Hereditary is not a horror movie. Buckle your seatbelts, cause it’s going to happen. Hell, it already has.

Digressing yet again, I don’t understand how one of the biggest magazines on the planet can allow someone to write a horror hit piece having just seen a small handful of horror films?

Outside of the aforementioned Hereditary, A Quiet Place (a monster movie that’s without question a *horror* movie), Revenge and Suspiria (that’s a lot of great horror right there, no?), there have been dozens of phenomenal genre films released in 2018. So much so that I’m having a difficult time narrowing down the best of the year. While you may debate me on the merits of The Predator or this weekend’s Overlord (both extremely fun genre films), I offer you the following counter: Annihilation, Mandy, The Ritual, The Night Comes For Us, One Cut of the Dead, Thoroughbreds, Before I Wake, Ghost Stories, Blue My Mind, What Keeps You Alive, Tumbbad, Lowlife, Possum, Let the Corpses Tan, Terrified, and The Witch In the Window.

I’m sure there’s even more, but let’s not pretend we’re not in the middle of a major horror renaissance. We are. We absolutely are. And true fans of the genre see that clear as day.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The Ritual (2017) Review


My old scoutmaster used to say ‘If the shortcut was a shortcut, it wouldn’t be called a shortcut, it would be called a route’.

A lads weekend hiking and camping turns into a nightmare when they get lost and encounter a bunch of backwoods hillbillies up to no good.  A familiar premise, no?  The Ritual is basically The Descent: This Time With Men.  We’ve got a group of dudes that have suffered a loss that has eroded relationships and left guilt-scars, and a trip to the wilds to honor their friend that goes disastrously wrong.  Or maybe it’s The Blair Witch: Midlife Crisis.  So yes, this is bad news first: the script isn’t original;  it hits all the beats you expect.  Oh hey, the lads need to take a shortcut, and then they get lost, and then they turn on each other.  Stunning turns of events, these.  The good news: the film is still a compelling, scary watch.

Ulver album covers or shots from The Ritual?  You decide.

The cast is uniformly excellent.  Lead Rafe Spall exudes grief in every scene he’s in and smokes a lot, which I guess stands in for solid dialog.  Director David Bruckner gets great performances from everyone, and the film is gorgeous.  Every shot is some kind of black metal album cover artist’s dream – misty mountain forests, decrepit cabins filled with arcane artifacts, and glowing alpine meadows make this film a delight to watch.   Without spoiling anything, there’s another bit of design work here that’s truly excellent and strange.  If only the script were up to these high standards.  I’m not blaming the scriptwriter here – perhaps the problem is in the source novel by Adam Neville?  I really don’t know, as I haven’t read it.  What’s here is a cleanly written, slight variation of something we’ve already seen many times before.  There seems to be an attempt to explore the nature of survival, of being a survivor or coming to terms with the nature of survival, or maybe it’s about finding your inner animal, I really don’t know; it’s all rather murky.

“Let’s stay here. It looks super safe,” said no one ever.

If I sound like I’m really down on The Ritual, I’m not.  I really enjoyed it, and I recommend it to everyone looking for a solid horror.  I love creepy forests and cabins and ancient rituals.  It’s atmospheric as hell, gorgeous, well acted and effectively spooky, it just doesn’t do anything hasn’t been done before.


The Ritual 2017

This is a British horror movie of director David Bruckner with writer Joe Barton. This film originates from the same novel name of Adam Nevill in 2011.

The Ritual 2017

The Cast Lists

Arsher Ali played as Phil                               Jacob James Beswick played as Fiend

Maria Erwolter played as Sara                      Robert James-Collier played as Hutch

Kerri McLean played as Gayle                      Francesca Mula played as a Witch

Paul Reid played as Robert                          Rafe Spall played as Luke

Sam Troughton played as Dom

The Story Line

The crowd of four friends, Dom, Hutch, Luke, and Phil embarks on a hiking journey in the National Park of Sarek, in the Northern Sweden to give honor to their friend Rob since he was murdered six months ago in the a robbery in one convenience store. After Dom tumbles and injured his knee, Hutch consulted the map of the group and settles in the alternate way into the woods which will take half of their time. The group started to encounter mysterious phenomena, with a brokenhearted deer and runes stamped on trees. As evening approaches, they come upon the rundown cabin and then stayed there for that evening. The cabin is almost empty, save an odd timber effigy in an attic shaped just like the human torso, with the antlers for hands. In the evening, everyone is plagued by terrible, and Luke woke up with the odd set of stab wounds over his chest, and then Phil is obliged to pray to effigy in the cabin. They go on with their travels into the woods in attempting to locate their way out.

Hiking a ridge, Luke saw evidences of an odd creature that can be stalking them. Although attempting to argue this with the crowd, an argument in between Dom and he rises where the latter revealed he partly blame Luke for the death of Rob, because of his actions while on robbery. Later that evening, Hutch was taken by a monster, while the group gave chase. They get lost and were unable to locate the supplies and the tents, settling on trying to go on without them. While on the way, the group locates Hutch impaled elevated in the tree, gutted like a deer they saw earlier. Recovering Hutch’s body for a compass and a knife, they covered him and press with one more day. Luke walked ahead and spotted the village and an edge of a forest, but the moment he returned, Phil was taken by a creature and was killed. Luke keeps back with Dom, influencing him to run together with him. They discovered the dead body of Phil, impaled on the tree, and the path of torches heading to the little village. Seeking protection, they stumble to the cabin but were knocked down unconscious by unseen dwellers.

The Ritual

The Writers Viewpoint

The movie is just awesome. It is horrifying with a dark storyline and credible characters. These days, this movie is already considered a good horror and for some that watch it, considered it a masterpiece with amazing nature style. I urge to say, the movie is one of the top monster movies to watch for. It is included in the top ten horror movies and the direction is great too.

Although, the finale could have been better, but it was thrilling and spooky, and psychologically arousing and the movie content is impressive when you are watching it now in some streaming video sites.


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