Wife Kills Husband & Serves Him for Dinner: Real Life Tale of Australian Cannibalism to be Feature Film

Most Americans aren’t familiar with the gruesome story of Australian Katherine Knight—but they will be.

At 60, Knight seemed like a normal wife and stepmother, right up until the day she sadistically murdered her husband. As if the dispatch wasn’t alarming enough, she then proceeded to mutilate and cook his body! When police arrived to investigate reports of commotion, they found John Price’s decapitated corpse, his skin drying in another room, and his head cooking in a pot of stew. Additionally, parts of his buttocks had been sliced and cooked with vegetables—a meal she intended to serve to Price’s children!

When Knight was sentenced to life in prison for her crimes in 2001, the supreme court justice, Barry O’Keefe, said: “The last minutes of his life must have been a time of abject terror for him, as they were a time of utter enjoyment for her.”

Now, filmmakers Dane Millerd and Ross Murray are working towards turning Knight’s story into a feature film; they’ve acquired the rights to the book Blood Stain by journalist Peter Lalor, which will serve as the script’s source material. While this may seem like a case of exploiting real-life tragedy for financial gain, Millerd hopes for more than a profit.

According to The Guardian:

“We’re hoping some of, or a percentage of, the proceeds will go to domestic violence victims, both male – because of what happened to John Price – and female, because one woman a week is unfortunately killed by an abusive partner.”

Are you familiar with the story of Katherine Knight? Are you interested to see the film based on Blood Stain? Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

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Who Goes There Podcast: Ep187 – THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES

By now we have all heard about the wonderful world of crowd based support in the form of Patreon. In case you were unaware, the Who Goes There Podcast has a Patreon and it’s full of amazing individuals. Once a month these amazing individuals get to choose a movie for us to tear apart…I mean review. For well over a year now, James Thompson has been trying to get us to do an episode on The Poughkeepsie Tapes. Rejoice, idiots! King Sam has decreed we take a trip back to 2007, the time when torture porn unfortunately met found footage and made movies like the one we’ll be discussing today. (Review starts at 35:00.)

Oh, big deal, kid! So what if you got thrown out of school? I always got thrown out of school. Beginning in kindergarten. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 187!

If you enjoy the show, please consider joining our Patreon subscribers. For less than the cost of a beer, you get bonus content, exclusive merchandise, special giveaways, and you get to help us continue doing what we love.

The Who Goes There Podcast is available to subscribe to on iTunes right here. Not an iTunes user? You can listen on our Dread Central page. Can’t get enough? We also do that social media shit. You’ll find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramTwitch, and YouTube.

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Creepy Crate Unboxing

Wicked Horror is the author of Creepy Crate Unboxing. Wicked Horror is the internet’s only horror fan site for free original horror movies, news, review & more.

We all know that it’s fun to get something in the mail. Maybe it’s even a little more if you don’t really know exactly what you’re getting. For those that love spooky surprises (and miss companies like Nerd Block) there is a great new subscription box company out there for your needs called Creepy Crate. Brought to you by The Line-Up, Creepy Crate ships its boxes every other month and includes a variety of collectibles, from t-shirts and books, to homewares and accessories. Each crate is $29.99, with a $60-plus value, and you can purchase them individually or with a 6 or 12 month subscription.

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What really intrigued me about this box was the fact that their items are not only catered to fans of the horror genre, but to true crime fans as well. I’ve been obsessed with true crime for as long as I have been with horror, so this seemed like a match made in heaven. Creepy Crate was kind enough to send me one of their boxes, so let’s open it up and see what’s inside!


First up is a little something from the Upside Down for Stranger Things fans. Here we have your very own official Hawkins Public Library card, and an old school library checkout card that can be used as a neat bookmark. The coolest thing about this, though, is that it introduced me to the fact that there is actually a book about Stranger Things coming out very soon! Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down by Gina McIntyre is “an official behind-the-scenes companion guide” for the first two seasons of the hit Netflix show – and it’s coming out next week on October 30!


Now not only does Creepy Crate give you a bookmark, but this month they also gave you a book to use it in as well. This is a beautiful hardcover copy of Devil’s Day by Andrew Michael Hurley. A synopsis from the inside cover: “Every autumn, John Pentecost returns to the farm where he grew up to help gather the sheep down from the moors for the winter. Very little changes in the Endlands, but this year, his grandfather – the Gaffer – has died and John’s new wife, Katherine, is accompanying him for the first time. Each year, the Gaffer would redraw the boundary lines of the village, with pen and paper but also through the remembrance of tales and timeless communal rituals, which keep the sheep safe from the Devil. But as the farmers of the Endlands bury the Gaffer and prepare to gather the sheep, they begin to wonder whether they’ve let the Devil in after all.” As a big supporter of all kinds of physical media, I was very happy to receive an actual hard copy rather than a digital download, and I can’t wait to dig into this intriguing story.


The next item is one that is very useful, and also lets you show off your horror love. This is a black tote bag with the all-too-real phrase “My favorite holiday is Halloween” below an image of our favorite holiday slasher Michael Myers. It’s a good image and easily recognizable, and it would have been cool if the font for “Halloween” was the same as the movie. The bag is a good size, more tall than it is wide, but my only gripe with it is that it is made of pretty thin material. I like to use these bags for grocery shopping so I’m not sure I would put anything too heavy in here until it’s tested out. Still, a great item that can be used daily year-round!


I am an obsessive collector of keychains so I was definitely stoked for this next item. This is a hotel keytag for room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel, a reference to the Stephen King movie and short story 1408. I absolutely love items like this, and I actually already have two similar keytags on my key ring right now – for the Bates Motel and the Overlook Hotel – so this item is a welcome addition to my collection!


For those cool fall days when you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or cocoa, you can do so with this great limited edition mug. The image on the off-white cup is of the Death tarot card with the words “warmed over” beneath, a very cute usage of the popular phrase. The mug is of a great, sturdy and thick quality, so it will for sure last a long time and get many uses from me.


Lastly, we have the ever-coveted item from any of these subscription boxes – the t-shirt. I saved looking at this item for last, feeling a little disappointed at the lack of the promised true crime collectibles, and then was very pleasantly surprised to see this! It’s like a logo or staff t-shirt for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Any true crime aficionado will recognize the visage of serial killer H.H. Holmes above a rendering of his infamous murder hotel, where he was operating during this momentous event. This is easily my favorite item from Creepy Crate, and I pray for the day that I wear it and someone else will know the reference!

All in all, I have to give Creepy Crate pretty high marks for its collectibles. And I actually prefer the fact that they only have six boxes a year instead of twelve, as stuff can really pile up if you get them every month. You can also go back and purchase specific items that you might have missed in a previous box. I definitely recommend this box for fans of both horror and true crime. If you like what you saw here today, head over to their website to start your subscription today!

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Seven Horrifying True-Life Documentaries!

Wicked Horror is the author of Seven Horrifying True-Life Documentaries!. Wicked Horror is the internet’s only horror fan site for free original horror movies, news, review & more.

Reality is often crazier than fiction. Every day there are examples of people slipping into insanity or committing horrific murders. For the horror fan, there are several options to choose from when looking at genre documentaries. The following list is comprised of documentaries focusing on real-life situations. These selections center on horrific events that generate a poignant glimpse into the lives of all that are affected. Within each documentary, there are touching and inspiring moments that are outdone only by the insane and terrifying accounts that are relayed.

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Child of Rage

Beth Thomas and her younger brother, John, spent the first couple years of their lives in Hell. An unimaginable horror that one feels shame for even trying to picture as a young child’s reality. Even after the two youngsters left their volatile situation, they could not escape the horrific effects. This documentary focuses on Beth at about six-and-a-half years old. The interviewer asks the girl a series of questions. The viewer is left in shock as Beth responds in an unemotional voice about how she would enjoy killing her adoptive parents and younger brother. She speaks of the pets that she pokes with a pen. The necks of baby birds she has broken. The physical torture she has committed on her brother’s private parts. The large butcher knives she has taken out of the kitchen drawer. A true story about the chilling effects of abuse on a young child.

Out of Mind, Out of Sight

An in-depth look into the lives of patients from a mental institution located in Brookview, Ontario. The main thread focuses on a young man, Michael Stewart, who suffers from schizophrenia and was convicted of murdering his mother. The rest of the patients have a myriad of psychological problems. One woman, Carole, is depressed and withdrawn until she feels the need to punch holes in the wall. Another is prone to cutting up her arm when she feels isolated. The staff genuinely cares for the patients in the ward. Out of Mind, Out of Sight is a poignant observation of seemingly normal-looking people who have disturbing and violent issues underneath the surface.


In this 2009 documentary, Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio investigate into the true-life murders of children dating back to the 1970s. The backdrop is a shutdown mental institution called Willowbrook. The residents on Staten Island remain haunted by the missing children and the man accused of taking them. The man in question is named Andre Rand, and he has become the proverbial boogeyman to those living in the New York City borough. The two filmmakers interview people from all walks of life both directly and indirectly involved with the case. A series of odd coincidences and metaphors emerge as the documentary unfolds.

Crazy Love

In the east Bronx, Linda Riss was a young woman who fell in love with lawyer named Burt Pugach. After Riss discovered that Pugach was married with a family, she broke off the relationship. Pugach decided that since he was going to lose Riss, he would do all that he could to make sure she ended up alone. He proceeded to hire three men to throw lye in her face. This act permanently scarred Linda’s facial features. Pugach was sent to prison and when he was released, Riss decided to marry him. Pugach convinced Riss that only love could make him do what he did. And that is only the beginning of their life together. This documentary proves that ‘true love’ is stranger than fiction.  

Unforgotten: Twenty-Five Years after Willowbrook

Where Out of Mind, Out of Sight displayed a mental institution concerned about the care of its residents, Willowbrook was an asylum at the opposite end of the spectrum. Exposed by Geraldo Rivera in his expose, Willowbrook: The Last Great Disgrace, residents were regularly experimented on in addition to being physically and sexually abused. They were forced to endure deplorable living conditions. These residents were mentally challenged children left to grow up into neglected adults. As a follow-up, this documentary revisits clips from Rivera’s original piece while at the same time functions to catch up with former residents.

Aileen: Life & Death of a Serial Killer

Co-directors Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill follow up on the former’s 1994 piece titled: Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer. Broomfield’s first documentary on Wuornos showed the ways those in her life used and discarded her for personal gain. These people range from her family to her lawyer. This documentary was released in 2003 and depicts Wuornos’ abusive early years all the way through until her execution in 2002. Broomfield uncovers a plethora of upsetting information and develops a personal connection with Wuornos. The final days of Wuornos depict a mentally unstable woman that feels betrayed by all those that wanted to make money off of her life.

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The Keepers

The murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik has haunted former students of Baltimore’s Archbishop Keough High School for the past fifty years. Compiled from interviews and police documents, this seven-part Netflix documentary transitions from horrifying to bone-chilling. One succumbs to tears as the heartbreaking abuse is uncovered. These tears dry up to wide-eyed terror as each potential theory is put forth in trying to solve this mystery. Each theory is as plausible as the next and they all stem back to one sadistic priest named Joseph Maskell. Whether or not he had any direct involvement remains unclear; however, his abusive actions put Sister Cathy on a doomed path that forever impacted all the people in her life.

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5 True Crime Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

Ever since Serial premiered in 2014, the popularity of true crime podcasts has skyrocketed. The first season, which focused on the murder of Hae Minn Lee and the conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, sparked countless knock-offs, has been parodied on SNL and Portlandia, and has even led to major developments in the real-life murder case.

While the show has veered away from the format that originally made it popular—season 3 focuses on multiple stories within the Cleveland criminal justice system rather than one mystery—there are a variety of available podcasts in the same vein as the first season.

With the endless amount of true crime podcasts to choose from, it can be hard to decide which compelling mystery to dedicate your time to. In honor of International Podcast Day on September 30th, Dread Central is breaking down some of the best serialized podcasts you need to listen to right now.

Listen closely—you might just be able to help solve a murder.


© 2018 www.cincinnati.com

On December 28, 1978, Elizabeth Andes, a 23-year-old Ohio State student, was found slain in her apartment. Her boyfriend, Bob Young, found her body and fled to a neighbor’s to call for help. Fifteen hours later he confessed to her murder.

Season one of the Accused podcast, presented by the Cincinnati Enquirer, provides listeners with a closer look at the case and questions whether or not the wrong person was investigated, and if someone else was responsible for the crime. A jury didn’t believe Young murdered Andes and they acquitted him. Five years later, he had court documents sealed, and police never investigated the case further, despite having other possible suspects.

However, Young waived the seal, granting host Amber Hunt complete access to court documents that could break the case open.

The 9-part series takes listeners back to the scene of the crime, features interviews with Young and friends of Andes, and carries out the investigation that police failed to finish.

Atlanta Monster

© Atlanta Monster Podcast

From the creators of the Up and Vanished podcast—which is credited by detectives for helping them make an arrest in the 2005 murder of Tara Grinstead—comes Atlanta Monster, an examination of the brutal murders of 28 black children across Atlanta between 1979-1981.

The murders were connected to a then 23-year-old man named Wayne Williams after he was arrested and convicted for the murders of two adult men. However, some believe Williams never committed the child murders, including members of some of the victims’ families.

Over the course of 10 episodes, host Payne Lindsey—who has stated his belief that Williams did kill some of the boys— recounts each case, speaking with detectives, local residents, friends and family of victims. He even interviews convicted killer, Williams, who comes off as a rambling lunatic just trying to jump-start his cellmate’s rap career.  

Filled with interesting real-life characters—like the straight-talking Detective Popcorn— and compelling soundbites from newscasts from the time, Atlanta Monster will make you question how the city of Atlanta handled the disappearances and murders of poor minorities, and ask yourself why you likely never heard of the horrendous murders that were headline news over 40 years ago.

Fun fact: The second season of Netflix’s Mindhunter will cover the murders. Profiler John E. Douglas (the inspiration for Mindhunterwas consulted for the case while the killer was still at large.

A Killing on the Cape

© A Killing on the Cape Podcast

An investigative podcast presented by 20/20 and ABC Radio, A Killing on the Cape re-examines the brutal 2002 murder of Christa Worthington in a quaint Cape Cod town.

The first homicide victim in the town in 30 years, Worthington was found stabbed to death inside of her home, with her 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter sitting by her side. It took three years for investigators to convict a local garbage man, 45-year-old Christopher McCowen, for the crime.

The 6-part series examines whether racial prejudice was at play when McCowen, a poor black man, was arrested for the murder. McCowen told authorities he had a consensual sexual relationship with the victim; however, prosecutors argued that an affluent, glamorous white woman would not choose to have a romantic relationship with a poor, black garbage man.

McCowen’s defense team believed the suspect’s race made it impossible for the jury to believe his relationship with the victim was consensual. During closing arguments of the case, the defense stated, “It’s based on an assumption —a false assumption—that a Vassar-educated, 46-year-old world-traveling wealthy heiress could not possibly have had consensual sex with a black, uneducated, troubled, garbage man.”

Along with racial and socioeconomic issues, the podcast delves deep into the drama that surrounded Worthington’s love life —including an affair with a married man that resulted in the birth of her daughter.

In the Dark

© Into the Dark podcast

Presented by American Public Media, the Peabody Award-winning 10-episode first season of Into the Dark investigates the notorious kidnapping of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling, and how police royally mishandled the case.

Wetterling was taken by an armed masked man while riding home from the video store with his younger brother and a friend on October 22, 1989. The case would go unsolved for 27 years before police arrested Danny James Heinrich after he confessed to killing the boy the same night he abducted him.

Rather than focus on uncovering the kidnapper’s identity, Into the Dark explores the police investigation and why it took so long to solve the case. Over the course of the series, listeners will learn that investigators failed to follow up on leads and thoroughly search Jacob Wetterling’s neighborhood, and neglected to further investigate Heinrich, despite multiple pieces of information that indicated his involvement in the crime.

Host Madeleine Baran expressed frustrations over the lack of attention placed on police investigation, telling The Guardian, “A lot of attention is paid to the criminal, but we should also pay attention to law enforcement … It’s the job of law enforcement to solve that case. I hope that this podcast generates interest to people across the country to start asking some tough questions about, ‘What are the big cases in my area that are not solved and what did law enforcement do in those cases?’”

Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmundson finally responded to the botched investigation during a 90-minute press conference on September 20, 2018, detailing how the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office failed, and admitted that the investigation “went of the rails.”  

Dr. Death

© Dr. Death podcast

Imagine a scenario where you’re in desperate need of back surgery and your childhood friend is an award-winning neurosurgeon. Because he’s your friend, you trust that you are in good hands. But then you go under the knife and he completely butchers your spine, nearly decapitating you and making you a quadriplegic. And he did it on purpose.

It sounds too crazy to be true, but that’s exactly what happened to Jeremy Summers after he was operated on by Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a.k.a Dr. Death. Other victims had metal screws inserted into their spinal cavity, had their esophagus severed, a sponge knowingly left inside their throat, and so much more.

Duntsch intentionally maimed 33 patients—and killed two— in the Dallas area over the course 18 months—and the healthcare system did absolutely nothing to stop him. In fact, the hospitals he worked for covered up his crimes to avoid legal trouble. Nothing would change until another neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert Henderson, uncovered the truth behind Duntsch’s surgeries and made it his mission to end Duntsch’s crime spree.

This is the harrowing true story behind Dr. Death, the 6-part series from Wondery—the same team behind Dr. John. Host Laura Beil takes listeners behind several of Duntsch’s surgeries, explaining each one in excruciating detail. Warning: the accounts of the victims is so disturbing, you might not be able to set foot inside a hospital again.

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