Lee Schlock

Stewart (Left) & Lee Schlock (Right)

Lee Schlock was born second to Mama and Papa Schlock. Mama schlock was out in the barn milking the llamas when all of a sudden she felt a pain her belly and ten minutes later Lee was born. He started to cry but the local llamas surrounded him and began to hum an ancient Llamanic tune from the ancient Andean peoples, upon which he fell quickly to sleep. Since that day he had the uncanny ability to talk to domesticated South American camelids.

The first time he became world famous was when he went to the state fair and ended up teaching the entire group of Llama’s to perform Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  Odd fact: Llamas can do a very convincing English accent. Growing up, Lee loved to the slide on the ice. It started one day when he was running in the snow and when charging the swimming hole at full speed he fell down.  Instead of slipping and breaking a leg he gracefully glided across the frozen water like a feather on the wind. Needless to say, it was at that point when Lee discovered he had a talent for sliding.

Lee getting second place in Olympic pairs skating – Sochi 2014!

He slid around professionally for many years before he discovered that there was a sport known as figure skating. He was asked to visit Ikonoku Japan where he impressed the world renowned Japanese figure skater and coach, Bill Richardson.

Bill took him in and taught him the art of pairs figure skating, but since he could not find a skating partner he had to learn both parts all by himself. Even though people laughed at him he won many international opens. Bill died in an unfortunate Yakitori accident. Lee spent many years training alone and most people thought he was gone for good. That was until the 2014 Sochi Olympics when he entered the pairs figure skating competition alone, and taking home a silver medal and a participation ribbon.

Lee retired from skating and went back the only thing he truly had a passion for; Llamas. He also began to collect Yaks from all over the world and at this time he almost as the whole set!

He started a chain of llama stores and restaurants known as “Llama-Rama and Yakery” Where you can find almost anything for your beloved Llama and/or Yak, and if you do not have one of your own you can come in and buy one. If you do not want one you can come in and eat one. The Bahama-Llama is a great treat as well as the dish he named for his old skating coach Bill, the Yak-atori.

When he’s not at work cooking or selling llamas and yaks, he can be found at your nearest Tibetan throat singing group or knitting bee. (He doesn’t knit but he enjoys untangling yarn).

Lee got into horror movies when he was very young and he was strapped into his baby seat in front of the TV and all of a sudden he was forced to watch
“The Beast Of Yucca Flats” while mama schlock was in the kitchen taking her medicine. (Which she did on occasion for hours at a time.)  Lee was instantly hooked. He wasn’t old enough to understand words yet but he understood the language of Schlock!

When he found out we were going to do a podcast he was as giddy as an Alpaca coming off the mountain!

Lee wishes all of you the best!

When you think of The World Famous Schlock Brothers, you think of Lee Schlock!