E004-Halloween Special (LIVE)

The World-Famous Schlock Brothers try their hand at a Halloween Live Show, but alas, they have more problems than an igloo in a desert!
They are introduced to a surprise guest that has darker intentions than to plug a movie!

When 1978’s Classic Horror Halloween was to be discussed the brothers end up experiencing true terror!

All incredible tales of horror tonight were used with the permission of their creators.

1. Wolf At The Door by Owen McCuen: owenmccuen.com
2. Castle Makeover by Julie Hoverson: 19nocturneboulevard.net
3. Fingers by Pete Lutz: naradaradio.libsyn.com

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Outtro: The End Is Near – By Gunnar Olsen (https://www.gunnarolsen.net/)
Found at: YouTube Audio Library Copyright Free.