Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 11-20-18 – The Best Free Movies on the Web

Tightwad Terror Tuesday – The Best Free Movies on the Web

Hey Tightwads!  We’ve got a little something for you to be thankful for this Thanksgiving – free movies!  So let’s get to it…   Even Lambs Have Teeth Even Lambs Have Teeth is about two young women who are abducted and terrorized by a group of rednecks.  They escape, but their story is just starting; […]

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Danny Trejo Updates on ‘Machete Kills in Space,’ Which is Apparently Still Happening

Way back in 2013, Robert Rodriguez teased third installment Machete Kills in Space at the very end of Machete Kills, but he hasn’t yet delivered on that promise. Still, both Rodriguez and franchise star Danny Trejo have been keeping hopes alive these last five years, and Trejo’s latest update again assures that yes, Machete will eventually kick ass in outer space.

In a new chat with Popcorn Talk’s “I Could Never Be,” Trejo shared the latest information.

Robert’s working on it, it’s gonna be… unbelievably crazy,” Trejo told the show.

Trejo continued, when asked when we can expect the third film, “I would say that… Robert has his own timetable for doing stuff. I know he’s working on a big movie right now.”

Gold Turns Lighthouse Keepers Against Each Other in ‘The Vanishing’ [Trailer]

Saban Films has shared the official trailer for their newly titled psychological thriller The Vanishing (formerly Keepers). The photo above displays Gerard Butler (London Has Fallen, How to Train Your Dragon, Coriolanus, 300), with fellow Scot Peter Mullan (Tyrannosaur, War Horse, Trainspotting) and newcomer Connor Swindells on location at the Mull of Galloway, which is inspired by a true, unsolved local legend- the Flannan Isle mystery.

On an uninhabited island 20 miles from the rugged Scottish coast, three lighthouse keepers arrive for their 6-week shift. As they settle into their normal quiet routine, something unexpected, potentially life-changing occurs – they stumble upon gold. What follows is a tense battle for survival, fed by isolation, paranoia and greed, leading three honest men down a path to destruction.

Written by Celyn Jones (Set Fire to the Stars) and Joe Bone (Castles in the Sky), the film is produced by Andy Evans, Ade Shannon and Sean Marley for Mad as Birds Films, along with Jason Seagraves, Maurice Fadida and G-BASE’s Gerard Butler and Alan Siegel. Phil Hunt and Compton Ross are Exec Producing along with Brian Oliver for Cross Creek Pictures, Danielle Robinson for G-BASE and Mickey Gooch and DG Guyer of Kodiak Pictures.

Deleted HALLOWEEN Scene Takes Inspiration From Hitchcock Classic

Ahead of its home video release, a deleted scene from Blumhouse’s Halloween has been released and it pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic and groundbreaking film Psycho, long thought to be the first slasher film ever released. I won’t spoil anything else, so you’ll just have to watch the clip above to see for yourself what it’s all about!

Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Halloween was directed by David Gordon Green, who co-wrote the film with Danny McBride. It starred Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle, Will Patton, Andi Matichak, and Judy Greer. John Carpenter acted as composer, alongside his son Cody and musical partner Daniel Davies, as well as executive producer.

Halloween comes to digital on December 28 before hitting physical formats on January 15, 2019.

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[Video] Ruby Rose’s Batwoman Arrives in Teaser Trailer for The CW’s “Arrowverse” Crossover Event

We cannot wait to see Ruby Rose as Batwoman in The CW’s upcoming Arrowverse event, titled “Elseworlds,” which could lead to her take on the character getting her own show.

In the meantime, check out the first footage of Rose’s Batwoman below!

EW recently detailed, “This year’s crossover includes The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl. Rose will make her debut as Kate Kane’s masked alter-ego in the middle Arrow hour, which sees Oliver (Stephen Amell), Barry (Gustin), and Kara (Melissa Benoist) travel to Gotham City to track down Arkham Asylum doc John Deegan (Lost‘s Jeremy Davies). In the scene depicted above — which EW was on set to watch — Batwoman uses her grapple hook and Batarang to stop two inmates from escaping Arkham Asylum, and saves Green Arrow and Cisco in the process.”

This year’s Arrowverse event, “Elseworlds,” begins Sunday night, December 9.

Rob Zombie Shares Look at Clint Howard as ‘Three From Hell’ Clown “Mr. Baggy Britches”

One of the biggest surprises during the filming of Rob Zombie‘s Three From Hell was the introduction of a new clown, “Mr. Baggy Britches”, who will be played by Clint Howard (Halloween, The Lords of Salem and even El Superbeasto). While editing his House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects sequel, which also boasts the return of Otis (Bill Moseley) and Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie), Zombie revealed our first ever look at Mr. Baggy Britches in his full clown makeup. This looks like a fun extension of Irwin Keyes‘ appearance in House of 1,000 Corpses, where he was seen taking down a duo of local robbers alongside Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig).

In fact, Bloody Disgusting has it on good authority that Haig’s appearance is minimal and that he will be passing the torch to Jeff Daniel Phillips‘ (Uncle Seymour Coffins in Zombie’s Halloween 2) new character…yet another killer clown! More on this soon.

‘Halloween’ Home Video Release Will Include Seven Deleted/Extended Scenes; Watch One Now!

We told you earlier this month that David Gordon Green’s Halloween will be hitting DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD on January 15, and we’ve got the full release details today.

Additionally, we’ve learned that it’ll be up for digital purchase on December 28.

Special features for the DVD/Blu-ray/4K releases include:

  • Deleted/Extended Scenes
    • Extended Shooting Range
    • Shower Mask Visit
    • Jog to a Hanging Dog
    • Allyson and Friends at School
    • Cameron and Cops Don’t Mix
    • Deluxe Banh Mi Cops
    • Sartain and Hawkins Ride Along
  • Back in Haddonfield: Making Halloween
  • The Original Scream Queen
  • The Sound of Fear
  • Journey of the Mask
  • The Legacy of Halloween

“Forty years after the events of 1978’s Halloween, Laurie Strode (Curtis) now lives in a heavily guarded home on the edge of Haddonfield, where she’s spent decades preparing for Michael’s potential return. After being locked up in an institution, Myers manages to escape when a bus transfer goes terribly wrong, leading to chaos in the same town he preyed on decades earlier. Laurie now faces a terrifying showdown when the deranged killer returns for her and her family – but this time, she’s ready for him.”

While you wait, check out one of the deleted scenes below!

Shudder Presents Joe Bob Briggs’ ‘Dinners of Death’ This Thanksgiving Eve

Movie marathons related to holidays are near and dear to every genre fan. If you were lucky enough to grow up in the New York City area, Thanksgiving offered one of the best two day marathons around with a “giant ape” marathon on Thanksgiving (the original Mighty Joe Young, King Kong, and Son of Kong) and a “Godzilla-fest” on the following day on what has come to be known as “Black Friday” on WWOR-Channel Nine.

This year, Shudder will celebrate two grand horror traditions on Thanksgiving Night with not only a horror marathon, but also the return of horror host Joe Bob Briggs for Dinners of Death.

Briggs spoke to comicbook.com about the upcoming special, saying that “Most holidays have a lot of horror films based on that holiday, but Thanksgiving is an exception…But both events are, they’re mini-marathons. They’re not the 13-movie marathons. They’re four movies. Each one is four movies, but because I talk so much, they’re gonna go to dawn. You know, they’re gonna be long.”  Briggs has also promised that one of his selections is his favorite movie of all-time, although he is being tight-lipped about the reveal, naturally.

Briggs is well-known in the horror community due to his previous programs such as Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater and TNT’s MonsterVision. Briggs hosted his first Shudder marathon earlier this year with The Last Drive-In, a 24-hour marathon on Shudder. To say that the initial marathon was a success is an understatement, as the program not only crashed the network servers, but also resulted in Shudder announcing two more holiday specials, and a regular series in 2019.

Dinners of Death airs on Shudder on Thursday, November 22nd at 9 p.m. and A Very Joe Bob Christmas debuts on December 21st.

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