Exclusive CROSSBREED Clip and Q&A with Director / Co-Writer Brandon Slagle

Starring Vivica A. Fox as the President of the New United States of America and following a group of military veterans on a deadly mission in space, Crossbreed is coming to On Demand on February 5th from Uncork’d Entertainment. To celebrate the sci-fi action movie that pays tribute to Aliens and ’80s Cannon films, we caught up with director/co-writer Brandon Slagle for our latest Q&A feature, and we’ve also been provided with an exclusive clip to share with Daily Dead readers!

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us, and congratulations on your new movie, Crossbreed! How and when did you and co-writer Robert Thompson come up with the idea for this film?

Brandon Slagle: Thank you very much! The general DNA for Crossbreed has been around for a few years. There was a script called Nebulus I’d written for a Syfy Channel pitch around 2011 that was conceptually similar, except it took place on an alien world. A group of mercenaries much like the ones in Crossbreed crash-landed on an alien world after a world war encounter with the indigenous inhabitants of the planet. Mayhem ensues.

A character named “Crowe,” mourning the death of his family (much like Stink Fisher’s “Ryker” character in Crossbreed) ends up becoming the unofficial leader in their quest for survival. The script didn’t get greenlit for whatever reason, but I held onto the basic idea of it, so when our investors indicated they wanted to do something in the science fiction realm, I dug up the idea and Robert wrote a new take on it.

His first draft of it ended up being almost 80% of what the final film became. He did a couple of more passes, then I did a final shooting draft that tailored some of the roles to the actors (such as Vivica A. Fox and Daniel Baldwin, etc).

Where did filming take place, and what was your shooting schedule for Crossbreed?

Brandon Slagle: We shot one day in Los Angeles, then the rest in Buffalo, New York, and Niagara Falls, though mostly Buffalo. There’s a historic shipyard near downtown Buffalo that’s been converted into a World War II museum, which is where about 60% of the movie takes place. With some clever lighting and production design courtesy of Director of Photography Johnny Kearns and Production Designer Miranda Miraposa, the hallways of the ships were able to provide a great “used future” look and feel of the space stations we spend most of our time on.

Beyond that, we shot at a Vascular Research Facility in downtown Buffalo, a former mill called “Silo City” that’s just outside of downtown, and a handful of other locations throughout Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

I believe the final shooting schedule was only about 14 or 15 days which, while this sounds frightening, has become the standard template for the schedules of MOST direct-to-video style action movies these days. In the past they’d shoot for a solid month to six weeks—now we get 1/5 the budget and half the schedule. This is really because the sales models of many sales agents and distributors have changed with the demise of video stores and the advent of video on demand. Smaller movies had to get cheaper to make a profit.

You worked with a great cast on this movie, including Vivica A. Fox as the President of the New United States of America. Did you and Thompson write that role with Fox in mind, and what was it like to collaborate with Fox to tell this story?

Brandon Slagle: At first we offered the role to a number of different people, from Emilio Estevez to Denise Richards. None of them felt like the “right” choice, however.

We thought of Vivica because she shared the same agent with our Superproducer Devanny Pinn. Something about it just felt like a lightning bolt, like it had to happen. She has a charisma and warmth that really comes through on camera, as well as a fantastic presence. It had to happen and thankfully, it did. These traits also translate to her off camera as well—she proved to be a fantastic collaborator and a very genuine human being.

Do you have any favorite movies, TV series, or books that inspired you while making Crossbreed? It definitely seems like Crossbreed has an Aliens vibe with its military characters in a sci-fi setting.

Brandon Slagle: It’s a huge mix of 1980s Cannon Films—I keep saying this would totally be a Chuck Norris movie if it was made in the 1980s. I’ve been lucky to have met and been told “war stories” from numerous people who worked with Cannon back in their heyday, so I’d like to think Crossbreed embodies a similar flavor.

Of course there’s also obvious nods to Predator, I Come in Peace, RoboCop, the underrated Split Second, Aliens—lots of callbacks and name references. For instance, people are picking up that the President’s last name is derived from Lance Henriksen. Her first name “Ellen” is a nod to Ellen Ripley (I’ve not seen that one pointed out yet). Weathers is from Carl Weathers, Miller is from Frank Miller, Murphy is from Alex Murphy (aka RoboCop), etc., etc.

My personal favorite, though, is the serious discussion about Timecop. I’d like to think that Timecop really does become so revered by 2060.

Looking back at your time on set, is there a favorite or funny moment that stands out?

Brandon Slagle: So much of it is a blur! When you do these films where there’s never enough money or time, but you still want to pack it with production value and scale, everything becomes sort of a memory of a dream after the fact.

One thing I DO remember clearly, though, aside from some of Daniel’s should-be-a-movie-of-their-own show business tales, would be the “cocoon” scene where the alien molts into a “Mach 2” version of itself. Todd from MastersFX provided us with some GREAT pieces we built into this scene, which became many of the crew’s favorite scenes to work on and shoot. It was a rare day when we’d be lucky enough to finish early, so we really just got to take a few moments to sit back and be creative and really geek out over what we were doing. You HAVE to give producer/actress Devanny Pinn and actor/stuntman Michael McIntyre (who played the larger version of the alien) credit for the fantastic physical performances they gave to really knock this sequence out of the park.

What do you hope viewers take away from Crossbreed?

Brandon Slagle: I really just want people to get rowdy and have a great time with it. I’m not going to act like it’s trying to be anything more than it is. Like I said, it’s like an ’80s Chuck Norris movie in space, and of course it’s loaded with nostalgia. Of course not everyone will love everything, but if people have a good time with it, then we’ve done our job.

In addition to writing and directing, you have a lot of experience as an actor. Does that experience in front of the camera help you behind it as well?

Brandon Slagle: Most definitely! So, I “quit” acting in 2014 after doing a final spot in my friend William Kaufman’s Daylight’s End. I’d just lost the taste for it and felt I could be more effective behind the camera. My performances, in hindsight, were drastically erratic in their quality, most likely because I was always so concerned with what was going on behind the camera.

Anyway, even though I lost my passion for that end of it, I’d like to think my best takeaway from it, after working on small direct-to-video horror all the way to movies like Argo, was how to approach and work with a wide variety of actors, from those newer in the business to veterans like Jon Voight and James Caan.

It really all comes down to this, though: no matter how “famous” an actor is, remember they’re all only human. If you approach someone like a human being, you’ll connect with them and figure out what makes them tick, and ultimately get the best you can out of them.

With Crossbreed coming to On Demand on February 5th from Uncork’d Entertainment, what other projects do you have coming up that you’re excited about, and where can our readers follow your work online?

Brandon Slagle: While Crossbreed was in post, we shot a period piece/thriller called The Dawn with Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls), Stacey Dash (Clueless), and Teilor Grubbs (Hawaii 5-0) playing totally against type alongside Devanny Pinn, Ryan Kiser, Heather Wynters (American Horror Story), David Goryl (There’s Something About Mary), and more. We just completed it, so you should be hearing more of that soon. It’s definitely the same vibe as something like the Lou Diamond Phillips-starrer The First Power, and pretty stylish.

In a few weeks I start on the Mahal Brothers-produced Attack of the Unknown, which is much in the same vein as Crossbreed, sort of Assault on Precinct 13 meets Aliens. This one stars Richard Grieco, Tara Reid, Robert LaSardo, Doug Tait from the new Hellboy, Jolene Andersen, and more.

Beyond that, there’s always things in the early stages, a few scripts I’m attached to, but these things can sometimes drastically change, so I don’t want to say more yet. 

Thanks for your time, Brandon!

Brandon Slagle: Thank you very much! And also thank you for being so supportive over the years. That means quite a bit to my team and I.

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Latest Toys from the Return of Mego Include Nosferatu and Freddy Krueger

As you may have noticed last year, retro-style action figures started popping up in Target from the revived Mego brand, including everything from the Universal Monsters to characters from “Full House” and “All My Children.” This year, we’ve learned via PopCult today, a few new horror icons are joining the fun, including Nosferatu, The Invisible Man and Freddy Krueger!

What’s interesting about the Freddy figure in particular is that NECA has for a few years now been making their own Mego-style figures, a line that has included the Dream Demon.

The site notes that Mego will also be releasing variants of Dracula, the Wolfman and Frankenstein, branded under the new “Horror” line and with minor alterations made.

Look for these in March-April, in Target stores and possibly elsewhere as well.

Nicolas Cage To Melt Minds In Richard Stanley’s ‘Color From Outer Space’ Lovecraft Adaptation

Last year was a stand-out time for fans of actor and pop culture icon Nicolas Cage. Panos Cosmatos’ sophomore genre buster was my personal favorite movie last year, which presented a tour de force performance by Cage as the revenge seeking Red Miller and doused him in a fine paint of blood. So it only […]

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Rob Zombie Shares HALLOWEEN Bloopers with Malcolm McDowell Giving Sheri Moon Zombie the Giggles

With the recent release of 2018’s Halloween on Digital and
Blu-ray/DVD, the film has been getting a lot of press lately. Which might explain
why Rob Zombie took a break from updating his fans on the status of Three
From Hell
just long enough to share some bloopers from his own stab at
the classic horror franchise, 2007’s Halloween.

Watch as Malcolm McDowell gives Sheri Moon Zombie a major
case of the giggles!

Instagram Photo

If you feel like giving Zombie’s Halloween another
look-see, just for comparison’s sake and/or to see how it stands the test of
time, check out the synopsis and trailer below.

Nearly two decades after being committed
to a mental institution for killing his stepfather and older sister, Michael
Myers (Tyler Mane) breaks out, intent on returning to the town of Haddonfield,
Ill. He arrives in his hometown on Halloween with the indomitable purpose of
hunting down his younger sister, Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton). The only thing
standing between Michael and a Halloween night of bloody carnage is
psychologist Dr. Samuel Loomis (Malcolm McDowell).

Are you a fan of Rob Zombie’s Halloween? What do you think of the bloopers he shared this morning via Instagram? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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[Video] Olay Brings Sarah Michelle Gellar Back to Horror With Teaser for “Killer Skin” Super Bowl Commercial

As a nod to her ’90s horror roles in Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer, Olay has enlisted the help of Sarah Michelle Gellar for their very first Super Bowl ad this year, which is taking a horror-inspired approach. The “Killer Skin” commercial, teased with a sneak peek video today, puts the actress back into a familiar slasher movie scenario.

Judging by the teasers they released today (collected together below), the commercial will center on Sarah Michelle Gellar being pursued by, you guessed it, a masked maniac.

Ad Age notes that the commercial will “air in the first quarter of the game Feb. 3 on CBS.”

[Teaser] Your Creepy Pal “Salad Fingers” Returns on January 30th With Longest, Weirdest Episode Yet

We’re fairly certain “Salad Fingers” needs no introduction, so let’s skip past all that.

David Firth, creator of the creepy web series “Salad Fingers,” began teasing last year that a brand new episode was in the works, set to be the first new episode since 2013.

Firth told the website Sick Chirpse late last year, “I’ve just almost finished a new episode of Salad Fingers. I’ve been working on it for a whole year, it’s the longest one yet. It’s a long episode. It’s a weird episode. A weird, dark, twisted episode as you can imagine and I feel like it’s the start of a new series in a way.”

Over on Instagram today, Firth released a teaser trailer for Episode 11 of “Salad Fingers” (watch it below), which ends with the promise that it’ll be released on January 30th!

The teaser also notes that Firth’s Patreon supporters will receive early access.


View this post on Instagram


Trailer #saladfingers11

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Sam Raimi Announced as Special Guest for Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019

Every May in Dallas, Texas, fans and celebrities alike gather in Dallas for a horror celebration to remember at Texas Frightmare Weekend, and this year will certainly be no exception, with a killer lineup of special guests already announced. For many, the latest announcement may be the most exciting of all, though, as it’s been revealed that filmmaker Sam Raimi—the creative genius behind the first three Evil Dead films, the Spider-Man trilogy, Drag Me to Hell, and Darkman—will be in attendance (reuniting him with the previously announced Bruce Campbell).

Read on for the official announcement from Texas Frightmare Weekend, and check here to view their full list of celebrity guests, including Tim Curry, Robert Englund, Lee Majors, Meat Loaf, Cassandra Peterson, Barbara Crampton, Jeffrey Combs, Nick Castle, Joe Bob Briggs, and more!

From Texas Frightmare Weekend: “We’re excited to welcome prolific director/producer/writer/actor Sam Raimi to Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019!

Sam Raimi first came to the attention of film fans with the horror film saga, The Evil Dead. From his childhood, Raimi was a fan of the cinema and, before he was ten-years-old, he was out making movies with an 8mm camera. He was a devoted fan of The Three Stooges, so much of Raimi’s film work in his teens was slapstick comedy based around what he had observed from “Stooges” movies.

As a director, Raimi’s films include Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness, Darkman, The Quick and the Dead, A Simple Plan, For Love of the Game and The Gift. In 2002, Raimi was given a real opportunity to demonstrate his dynamic visual style with the big-budget film adaptation of the Stan Lee comic book superhero, Spider-Man. The movie was a runaway success at the box office. He also returned for the sequels, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3. Raimi returned to horror with Drag Me to Hell in 2009 and in 2013 he directed the Walt Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful.

As a producer, Raimi is responsible for multiple hit TV and film projects including Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Jack of All Trades, Xena: Warrior Princess, The Grudge, Boogeyman, 30 Days of Night, Don’t Breathe, and Ash vs Evil Dead.

Sam joins previously announced “EVIL DEAD” guests Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi and Lee Majors.”

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Liz Drives – short, 2017

‘Some horrors you create for yourself’

Liz Drives is a 2017 Australian horror short film written, co-produced and directed by Mia’ kate Russell (Maggie May; Death by Muff). The movie stars Amy Bradney-George, Sophia Davey and Christopher Kirby.


For estranged sisters Liz and Ellie being a family has never been easy – but there are some horrors you create yourself…


Cast and characters:

  • Amy Bradney-George … Samantha
  • Sophia Davey … Liz
  • Christopher Kirby … Marcus
  • Cassandra Magrath … Ellie

Running time:

8 minutes


Liz Drives in currently available to view on YouTube via the ALTER channel

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Nic Cage will Re-Team with ‘Mandy’ Producer on ‘Color Out of Space’

color out of space

Love it or hate it, last year’s revenge thriller Mandy was, for a moment, the movie that everyone was talking about, and the film’s producer SpectreVision is hoping for gold again as it re-teams with the film’s co-star to tackle the H.P. Lovecraft classsic novella Color Out of Space. Lovecraft’s tale centers on a family who moves to […]

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Film Festival in Sweden Offering Screenings of Apocalyptic Film You Have to Watch While Inside a Coffin

Movie screenings are getting more unique as the years go on, and this latest one that’s been brought to our attention is so outside the box that it literally places you, well, inside a box.

Via THR, the Goteborg Film Festival in Sweden, beginning on January 27, will be offering up 33 “sarcophagus screenings” of Aniara, a Swedish-language apocalyptic sci-fi film!

The site details these highly unusual screenings, wherein “eight volunteers at a time will be shut into specially made caskets outfitted with screens, speakers and air vents.”

Our goal was to find a way to take the experience of the film, and the apocalypse, further. To take the sense of aloneness and claustrophobia and strengthen it,” festival director Jonas Holmberg said in a statement. The screenings will take place between January 27th and 31st, and inside the coffin will be a “panic” button for anyone who gets too freaked out.

Pella Kagerman and Hugo Lilja directed Aniara, wherein:

“A spaceship carrying settlers to Mars is knocked off course, causing the consumption-obsessed passengers to consider their place in the universe.”